Extreme Bent Plywood: Chris Martin's Rose Chair

The Rose Chair, by furniture designer Chris Martin, was created to push the limits of bent plywood. Four pieces seemingly bent to their extremes fit together to create the chair, which doesn’t use any screws or metal fasteners.

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“The four geometric sculptured forms that fit harmoniously together to create its romantic visual language, have been precisely designed to give the chair its structural integrity and stability,” writes Martin.

“It was a challenge to find perfect geometry and balance in the bending process without the material fracturing.”

Despite its delicate looks, the chair is reportedly sturdy:

“Rose Chair is certified with ‘Möbelfakta’ – the Swedish sustainability and quality label. As part of the certification, the Rose Chair [was] durability tested to meet the demands on furniture in the public environment. The Rose Chair underwent a load test which is repeated 100,000 times, where a weight of 100 kg loads the seat and 30 kg loads the backrest. Despite its sculptural, compact form, the chair passed the test with no defects.”

The chair is in production by Massproductions, the Swedish furniture brand started by Martin and fellow designer Magnus Elebäck in 2009. Here’s their origin story, in brief:

“[The] two designers, sharing a neo-modernist vision of functional, elegant design, decided to break free of PR-driven product strategies to create a furniture company focusing on the interplay between object and context. In order to realise their vision, they assumed control of the entire production chain – manufacturing, sales and marketing. This pioneering approach has paid off handsomely, not only in design clarity, but also in distinguished awards, renowned clients and representation in the permanent collection of the Swedish National Museum of Arts.”

You can see more of their stuff here.

Source: core77

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