Fabian Oefner's Next-Level Cutaway Sculptures

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Best known for his Disintegrating series—mesmerizing photographs of “exploded” classic cars—Swiss artist Fabian Oefner is exploring a new, but related project. His latest works involve slicing cameras into multiple sections to expose their inner workings. CutUp continues Oefner’s interest in “destruction and reassembly,” but this time in three dimensions.

To make the cutaways, Oefner first casts the entire object in resin. “The production process…is a mix of high-end and low-end technologies,” he explains on his website. “It starts with a very sophisticated method, which involves vacuum and pressure chambers to cure the resin around the embedded object at a precise atmospheric pressure and temperature.”Then, he slices the objects apart using “an old archaic band saw,” polishes each section by hand, reassembles them, and casts the exploded form in resin to give the sculpture its final shape.

Take a closer look at the process here:

Fabian Oefner – CutUp from Fabian Oefner on Vimeo.

Oefner’s completed six sculptures so far. He started the series with cameras—as a nod to his photographic work—but plans to continue with a variety of technical objects.

Source: core77

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