Family Tips Their Waiter With A $25 Amazon Gift Card And Starts A Massive Debate On If It’s OK Or Not

What do you do if you can’t leave a tip for whatever reason? Sure, it’s never really mandatory to leave one, yet we always find ourselves leaving at least something.

And though we are aware that the waiting staff benefits greatly from generous tips and it’s always the best way of thanking them for being kind and caring at their job, we often don’t really remember to have some cash on hand just like that to tip the people who serve us.

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But what if you were to offer something else instead of money. Like a gift card? TikTok has been debating this very issue lately after this one young lady shared a video of them tipping just that.

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What do you do if you can’t leave a tip? Leaving an arm or a leg is surely out of the question, but a gift card, maybe?

Image credits: kaittwest

So, Kaitlyn Lombera, now better known as @kaittwest on TikTok, has recently shared a video of how her brother Gustavo put down a $25 Amazon gift card as a tip for a $95.24 bill at a Korean BBQ place.

All fine and dandy when you think about it, especially given some context. You see, the trio (Kait, her bro and sis) didn’t have any cash on them to leave a tip for the waiter, so they asked them if they’d be all right with an Amazon gift card to the amount of $25—well over the 20% threshold for the current bill. And they were fine with it, even laughed about it.

This is exactly what this family did, leaving a $25 Amazon gift card because they didn’t have cash on them

Image credits: kaittwest

And this sparked a huge money vs. gift card debate on TikTok

Image credits: kaittwest

The video was posted with the caption “holidays left us broke”, which more or less explains why they didn’t have cash. And it didn’t take long for the video to go viral, as it now has nearly 700,000 views with over 40,000 likes and a couple thousand comments.

Speaking of comments, while the video seems neutral, and if anything showing respect to the waiter, folks in the comments were quite divided over this move.

You see, money can buy a lot of things, whereas a gift card limits you to a certain store, so most people were divided into two main camps here.

Here’s the full video:

@kaittwest holidays left us #broke ♬ Spongebob Sad Song Steel Lick – Some guy in the internet

One of the sisters gave some context in the comment section, where people were having a huge debate

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On one side, there’s people who looked at the fact that it was a gift card for an internet venue that sells so many different things that it wouldn’t be hard to find something you like, and the amount turned out to be more than the customary 20% (it was, in fact, 26.24%), so it was a sure win for the waiter.

Besides, they were asked if they didn’t mind the gift card in place of the traditional cash tip, and they were fine with it.

But, there was also the other side, arguing that a gift card will not pay the waiter’s bills, no matter how large the tip might be. Others also pointed out that if you end up spending $95 on restaurant food, surely you have money to leave a proper tip.

We have reached out to Kaitlyn for a comment on the whole thing. You can check out the video as well as the comments on TikTok, but before you go, share your thoughts with us and tell us what you think of tipping gift cards (or other monetary equivalents) in the comment section below!

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