FCC Cancels Plan to Allow In-Flight Cell Phone Calls

Great news: The FCC has announced they’re canceling their boneheaded plan to allow in-flight cell phone calls, ending seven years of speculation. It was in 2013 that they first proposed allowing airline passengers to yap on their mobiles above 10,000 feet. Unsurprisingly, flight attendants and pilots were strongly against the proposal and now, for reasons unknown, the FCC has finally decided to listen to them.

Photo by Martin Jørgensen on Unsplash

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“There is strong opposition to the Commission’s proposals from many commenters in this proceeding,” the FCC release says, “including our nation’s airline pilots and flight attendants, who argue that it ‘fail[s] to address significant safety and national security concerns.'”

The statement then wanders into Presidential Tweeting habits with some all-caps for emphasis: “Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that…this proceeding…is HEREBY TERMINATED, effective immediately upon release of this Order.” Thank goodness for small mercies.

Source: core77

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