Flotspotting: Paolo Stefano Gentile's Ecological French Fries Packaging, Made from Potato Peels

Milan-based product designer Paolo Stefano Gentile came up with a poetic way to package French fries: In the very waste they create.

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Peel Saver – ecological fries packaging

“Fries companies produce a lot of potato peels waste. The idea of this project is to use this waste material in order to create street food packaging.

“The potato peel is made up of starches and fibers components, which after maceration and natural drying, acquire the ability to bond with each other and harden. The obtained material is completely made of production waste and is 100% biodegradable.

“After being used, the packaging can be usefully re-inserted in the biological cycle becoming animal food or fertilizer for plants.”

You can see more of Gentile’s work on Coroflot.

Source: core77

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