For Sale: Oak Comb-back Stick Chair

This six-stick comb-back chair is based on two Welsh examples I have studied in person and admired. But it definitely has four feet planted in the Americas as it is made with quartersawn and plainsawn red oak (and was built by a Southern boy).

I built the chair during the filming of our soon-to-be released video about how to build stick chairs, so you will be able to watch every step of the construction process, from choosing the wood to applying the finish (baby photos!). 

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I am selling this chair for $1,500 via a random drawing. Instructions on purchasing the chair can be found near the bottom of this blog entry. Here are some more details about its design and construction.

This particular chair is set up for general use. The back is fairly upright at 16° off the seat. And the seat tilts at 3°, giving the chair an overall tilt of 19°. The seat is 16-3/4” off the floor to accommodate both short and tall sitters, and the chair is 38-1/2” high overall. So it has a nice presence in a room.

One of the goals with this chair was to make it a bit more roomy. There is 19-1/2” between the arms, and the arm shape is square-ish to accommodate stocky sitters.

All the straight components of this chair were sawn or split out to be as strong as possible. The arms are made from four pieces of quartersawn red oak. All of the chair’s major joints are assembled using hide glue, so repairs in the (far) future will be easy. The chair is finished with a non-toxic soft wax, a blend of beeswax and raw linseed oil that my daughter cooks up here in our shop. The wax is an ideal chair finish. It is not terribly durable, but it is easily renewed or repaired.

The new oil/wax finish looks a wee brash to my eyes right now. But it will mellow quickly as the oil absorbs UV and imparts a little warmth to the oak.

How to Purchase This Chair

This chair is being sold via a random drawing. The chair is $1,500 plus domestic shipping. (I’m sorry but the chair cannot be shipped outside the U.S.) If you wish to buy the chair, send an email to [email protected] before 3 p.m. (Eastern) on Thursday, Aug. 11. In the email please use the subject line “Chair Sale” and include your:

  • First name and last name
  • U.S. shipping address
  • Daytime phone number (this is for the trucking quote only)

After all the emails have arrived on Aug. 11, we will pick a winner that evening via a random drawing.

If you are the “winner,” the chair can be picked up at our storefront for free. Or we can ship it to you via common carrier. The crate is included in the price of the chair. Shipping a chair usually costs about $250 to $300, depending on your location.

— Christopher Schwarz


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