For SLA 3D Printers, a Flexible, TPU-Emulating Resin

For those of you with SLA 3D printers, Formlabs’ Flexible 80A Resin yields a material similar to rubber and TPU, with that magic balance of stiffness and stretchiness.

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The company recommends it as a substitute for silicone, urethane, TPU or rubber parts like handles, grips, overmolds, seals, gaskets, masks, shock-absorbing elements and the like.

Here’s a sample use case, where they use a phone app to scan people’s ears, then print custom-fit earbuds with Flexible 80A:

Flexible 80A runs $200 for 1 liter. A little pricey to gamble on, so they’re offering a free sample you can evaluate first. You can request yours here.

Source: core77

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