Fun ‘Mushroom Lamp’ stands itself back up when knocked over

Come to think of it, traditional lamp design does look a little like a mushroom. Instead of reinventing the lamp’s style Nick Rennie worked with the naturally found shape of the common light source. The ‘Mushroom Lamp’ is a collaboration between Australian designer Nick Rennie and French manufacturer Ligne Roset.

This lamp is simple, minimal and modern, reducing the visual focus to the natural mushroom shape and funny ability to stand itself back up when knocked over. It features a rounded and weighted base that will rock back and forth until it finds itself perfectly upright as if nothing had happened.

Rennie’s inspiration for the lamp is described in a short story written by Nick Lord: “Nothing seems more alien than mushrooms – their smooth, pod-like domes protecting the delicate, lacy folds underneath… I watch as the mushrooms are torn from the earth by their fat stems. They seem weightless as they careen through the air. Many remain unbroken, whole and resilient. One particularly large one spins end over end as it hits the ground, finally coming to rest in an upright position. Its balance is perfect and it stands there motionless, as if nothing has occurred.”







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