G-Shock Goes Metal with GM2100 Series

When you hear “G-Shock” you think resin and digital, but now the brand’s moving diagonally into metal and analog. Their new metal-clad GM2100 series beefs up the structure with stainless steel bezels, and adds chunky hands that look strong enough to be little tools.

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“A stainless steel bezel with exceptional strength and inner case made of damage- and deformation-resistant glass fibre-reinforced resin safeguards the module. Tiny protrusions on the inner case reduce surface contact with the bezel to cushion shocks to the module. Cutting-edge technology is applied to the original G-SHOCK concept of hollow construction to deliver a shock-resistant structure with a metal exterior.”

“The bezel adopts the octagonal design motif the G-SHOCK has featured since the very first watch. Undergoing painstaking processes of forging, cutting and polishing, the bezel is precisely crafted — from its intricately shaped face to the form of its back, which is the key to the precision fit it makes with the inner case. A round hairline finish is applied to the top surface and a mirror polish to the sides, giving the bezel a beautiful gleam.”

If you’re worried it’s gonna be too chunky, Casio says they’ve “achieved shock resistance with the bare minimum case thickness by adopting a metal-clad shock-resistant structure,” and refer to the new design as “an exceptionally slim design for an analogue-digital combination model with a metal case and a comfortable fit on the wrist.” Incredibly, the 40mm version is just 11mm thick, and the 44mm version is 11.8mm thick. (For comparison’s sake, Apple Watches in those dimensions are 10.7 and 10.74mm thick, respectively.)

Source: core77

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