Guy Shares 36 Interesting, Random, Or Odd Facts About People And The World You Might Not Have Heard Of

Have you ever wondered how rare your eye color is or who are the richest people in the world? If you did, then TikToker Casey Rosenberg has answered these questions for you. In fact, his whole page is dedicated to giving you even more facts about things that you didn’t even realize you wanted to know.

This TikToker with 2 million followers creates videos on all sorts of topics, ranging from facts about countries, to how rare are the features that you have. As Casey himself summed up what his content is all about in his bio: “Knowledge in 60 seconds.”

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#1 10 Amazing Cat Facts

• Cats spend 70 percent of their lives sleeping.

• A cat named Stubbs was a mayor in Alaska for 20 years.

• Isaac Newton invented the cat door.

• The oldest cat lived to be 38.

• Cats can make over 100 vocalizations.

• Cats with more than 18 toes are called polydactyl.

• If a cat lays on their back, it means they trust you.

• Cats are most active at dawn and dusk.

• Cats sweat through their paws.

• Cats are 95.6 percent tiger.

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Casey Rosenberg is a content creator from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Recently he hit 2 million followers on TikTok and in celebration, he told his fans some facts about himself in the style of his usual videos. He is 26 years old and his birthday is on July 7, which makes him a Cancer.

A cute fact that he shared is that he has a cat and his name is Mr. Socks, who he plans to include in some of his videos. And finally, besides making videos, Casey loves going out and doing photography.

Bored Panda got in touch with Casey and he revealed to us that he also is “a recent law school graduate hoping to practice intellectual property law in the future.”

#2 The Most Popular Dreams, According To Psychologists

10. Being late

9. Moving is slow motion

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8. Being lost

7. Having you teeth to fall out

6. Mortality

5. Flying

4. Being unprepared for a test

3. Being back in school

2. Being chased

1. Falling

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#3 10 Amazing Dog Facts

• A dog’s sense of smell is 40 times better than a human’s.

• 45 percent of dogs sleep in their owner’s bed.

• All puppies are born deaf.

• A dog’s nose print is as unique as a human’s fingerprint.

• A Greyhound can beat a cheetah in a long distance race.

• The Saluki is the oldest dog breed.

• The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed.

• Dogs get jealous when they see you playing with other pets.

• A Golden Retriever was a mayor in California.

• Newfoundland dogs have webbed paws.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

Casey’s videos are really popular on TikTok and there are quite a few that have over a million views. The videos are short and concentrated, giving facts that don’t go too in depth, but are nevertheless interesting.

The content creator was always curious about the world and he told us, “I have always been the person at the dinner table to talk about trivia I learned earlier that day.” Also, he loves making videos, so it was just a matter of time until Casey combined his two interests and the popular videos were born.

#4 3 Pet Facts

1. Your cat talks to you. It’s been found that adult cats only meow at humans.

2. Your dog is smart. The average dog can understand 250 words and gestures.

3. Your bird loves to dance. Scientists have found that birds love listening to classical music.

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#5 5 Affordable Countries To Visit: Asia Edition

5. Thailand ($50-60 per day)

4. Indonesia ($40-50 per day)

3. Philippines ($35-50 per day)

2. Malaysia ($25-50 per day)

1. Vietnam ($25-35 per day)

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

One of his most popular videos is him telling 3 facts about the youngest child, which was watched 8.8 million times and liked by 1.7 million people. Another popular video on his account is ranking birthstones from cheapest to the most expensive and this video has 7.1 million views.

The first video on this account was posted on January 11, 2020 and it showed Casey’s weight loss progress. In the video description, he wrote that he lost 120 pounds (54 kilograms) in 2019 and it now has over 200k views. For a while he was posting content that was related to health, weight loss, tips, and motivation, but he didn’t stop there and eventually expanded to other topics. And started wearing those glasses that now are always present in his videos.

#6 How To Get Rid Of Any Stain

• Coffee stain? Use vinegar and warm water.

• Sweat? Use lemon juice.

• Wine? Use baking soda.

• Makeup? Use shaving cream.

• Ink? Use white toothpaste.

• And blood? Use vinegar and warm water.

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#7 Why We Get Déjà Vu?

Déjà vu has been described as a ‘glitch in the matrix.’ It’s the feeling that you’ve done something or seen something before. But is this proof that we’re living in a simulation? Scientists say, not so fast and believe it has to do with memory.


One leading theory is called ‘split perception’: your brain accidentally perceives an event twice, making it feel like you’ve been there before. Another theory is that your brain gets confused and tries to recall memories when processing the present.


Regardless, déjà vu is always strange.

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#8 How Rare Is Your Birthday?

• The most common birth months are July, August, September.

• The rarest are January, February and March.

• The most common dates are September 9th, 10th, 12th, 17th and 19th.

• The rarest birthdays are January 1st, July 4th, November 25th, December 25th, and February 29th.

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Casey didn’t expect to grow the following that he has now. He started creating the videos as a hobby during the last semesters of his studies. So he feels really grateful for what he has achieved: “I have been very fortunate to have such an incredibly supportive community of viewers. Being able to positively impact someone’s day has definitely made my life more special.”

He feels that his content on TikTok is closely tied to his interests and that it would be hard to get bored, so he doesn’t plan on stopping making videos soon. And because these videos are a reflection of him, also because creators always evolve, Casey says, “I do love photography and making skits with my friends, so it would be fun to eventually incorporate some of my other hobbies!”

#9 Top 10 Pet Names Of 2021

10. Cooper

9. Chloe

8. Stella

7. Daisy

6. Lily

5. Buddy

4. Max

3. Charlie

2. Luna

1. Bella

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#10 How Rare Is Your Tongue?

• Only 67 percent of people can roll their ‘r’s.

• 60 percent of people can curl their tongues.

• Just 25 percent of people can fold their tongues.

• 14 percent of people can make a cloverleaf.

• Only 8 percent of people can touch their nose.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#11 The Safest And Most Dangerous States: 2021 Edition

Starting with safest:

5. North Dakota

4. Connecticut

3. Iowa

2. Vermont

1. Based on violent crime, the safest is Maine.


For the most dangerous:

5. California

4. Tennessee

3. Nevada

2. Arkansas

1. The most dangerous state based on violent crime is Alaska.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

Now almost all Casey’s videos are just fact videos. There are so many of them that the TikToker started to categorize them and there are a few popular series like Life Hacks, which is self-explanatory, and About You, in which you get to know what your birth month flowers are or how rare your birthday is. He has created series for facts about music, food, anime, and many more.

Casey says that it is hard to choose his favorite series, so he pointed out which series he really enjoyed making and it’s the series about siblings. He is actually an only child, but “it is always fun to create content that family members can share with each other.”

If you’re wondering how he comes up with his video topics for facts, Casey revealed to us that a majority of them are a result of conversations with friends.

#12 How To Always Stop Brain Freeze

Brain freezes are headaches that are caused by eating or drinking something too cold. The ‘freeze’ is from your body trying to maintain its core temperature. Researchers have found 2 hacks that stop brain freeze:

1. Try pressing your tongue or thumb to the roof of your mouth.

2. Try a sip of warm water.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#13 How To Pick A Perfect Watermelon Every Time

Produce experts say there are 3 key things to look for when picking a watermelon:

1. Go for the gold. The spot on the watermelon is called the ‘field spot.’ The richer in gold color, the better.

2. Look at the stripes. The tripes should be even and contrast sharply.

3. Look at the shape. The more round the watermelon, the sweeter it will be.

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#14 Facts About Height

• If you’re a male under 5’1.5″ [156 centimeters] or a female under 4’8.5″ [143.5 centimeters], you’re in the shortest 1 percent.

• Tall people tend to have healthier hearts but also have a greater risk of cancer.

• Short people tend to live longer than tall people.

• Tall people tend to be leaders with the majority of CEOs being over 6 [183 centimeters] feet tall.

• Short people on the other hand tend to be funnier.

• If you’re a male over 6’4″ [193 centimeters] or a female over 5’10” [178 centimeters], you’re in the tallest 1 percent.

• Women report that their idea partner should be 5’11” [180 centimeters] while men want someone that’s 5’6″ [168 centimeters].

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

Have you ever seen Casey on your for you page? Do you enjoy learning random useful and sometimes useless but interesting information? Let us know in the comments and upvote which of Casey’s facts you liked the most.

And if it’s the first time seeing his face and you would like to see more, give a little look to his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

#15 10 Most Common Fears

10. Acrophobia, which is fear of heights.

9. Claustrophobia, which is feal of small spaces.

8. Aerophobia, which is feal of flying.

7. Social phobia, which is fear of social situations.

6. Trypanophobia, which is fear of needles.

5. Cynophobia, which is fear of dogs.

4. Mysophobia, which is fear of germs.

3. Ophidiophobia, which is fear of snakes.

2. Glossophobia, which is fear of public speaking.

1. Arachnophobia, which is fear of spiders.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#16 The 5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

5. Azawakh ($9,500)

4. Tibetan Mastiff ($10,000)

3. Chow Chow ($11,000)

2. Löwchen ($12,000)

1. Samoyed ($14,000)

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#17 People’s Weirdest Fears

• Lachanophobia is the fear of vegetables.

• Pedophobia is the fear of children.

• Podophobia is the fear of feet.

• Lutraphobia is the fear of otters.

• Turophobia is the fear of cheese.

• Nomophobia is the fear of being without your phone.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#18 The 10 Most Common Internet Passwords

10. abc123

9. 123123

8. iloveyou

7. 1234567

6. qwerty

5. 12345678

4. password

3. picture1

2. 123456789

1. 123456

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#19 How Rare Are Your Hands?

• 95 percent of people can do the Vulcan salute.

• 65 percent of people have loop fingerprints.

• 46 percent of people don’t crack their knuckles.

• 30 percent of people have whorl fingerprints.

• 25 percent of people have a hitchhiker’s thumb.

• 20 percent of people are double-jointed.

• 10 percent of people are left-handed.

• 7 percent of people can palm a basketball.

• 5 percent of people have an arch fingerprint.

• And just 0.1 percent of people have more than 10 fingers.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#20 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo

Almost 40 percent of American adults have at least one tattoo. But more tattoos mean a greater chance of infection. Tattoos become infected when they become contaminated and contamination can lead to amputation. The 2 main reasons for contamination are when the artist doesn’t wash their hands and wear gloves, and also the needles are not sterilized. This is why it’s so important to always get your tattoos done by a professional.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#21 The 10 Easiest Languages To Learn

10. Romanian

9. Swedish

8. Afrikaans

7. German

6. Norwegian

5. Dutch

4. Portuguese

3. French

2. Italian

1. Spanish

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#22 Learning Body Language: Eyes Edition

• If someone’s pupils are dilated, it means they’re interested.

• If someone is blinking rapidly, it means they’re uncomfortable.

• If someone maintains eye contact, it means they care about what you’re saying.

• If someone is constantly looking away, it means they’re hiding their feelings.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#23 What Is Your Foot Shape?

• If your second toe is longer that your big toe, you have what’s called a Greek foot shape.

• Do your toes decrease in size equally? You have an Egyptian foot shape.

• If your first 3 toes are equal in length, you have a Roman foot shape.

• If you have a large big toe and the rest of your toes are equal, you have a German foot shape.

• If your first 2 toes are equal in length, you have a Celtic foot shape.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#24 How Rare Is Your Eye Color: 2021 Edition

• 74 percent of people have brown eyes.

• 10 percent of people have blue eyes.

• 5 percent of people have hazel eyes.

• 5 percent of people have amber eyes.

• 3 percent of people have grey eyes.

• 2 percent of people have green eyes.

• 1 percent of people have two different-colored eyes.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#25 How Rare Are Your Teeth?

• 55 percent of people have naturally straight teeth.

• 50 percent of people are missing at least one tooth.

• 20 percent of people have a gap between their front teeth.

• 8 percent of people have never had a cavity.

• 1 percent of people no longer have their wisdom teeth.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#26 5 Of The World Smartest Animals

5. Rats. Rats are known for being extremely clever and have been studied for almost 200 years.

4. Pigeons. Pigeons have an excellent memory and can recognize themselves in a mirror.

3. Pigs. Pigs have high emotional intelligence and can understand basic symbols.

2. Dolphins. Dolphins can solve complex problems and teach others.

1. Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees can learn words and make their own tools.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#27 The Most Popular School Mascots

10. Falcons

9. knights

8. Cougars

7. Lions

6. Warriors

5. Wildcats

4. Panthers

3. Bulldogs

2. Tigers

1. Eagles

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#28 3 Ways To Sleep Better

1. Stick to a sleep schedule. Having a routine reinforces your sleep-wake cycle.

2. Limit your naps. Any nap during the day that’s over 30 minutes can jeopardize a good night’s sleep.

3. Stop caffeine before bed. Having caffeine up to 6 hours before bed has been shown to significantly worsen sleep quality.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#29 Things To Know Before Chewing Ice

Lots of people love to chew on ice, but is it bad for our health? In moderation chewing ice is not something to lose sleep over.


However, if you are a compulsive ice chewer, you may have something to worry about. Eating too much ice per day can strip away your teeth’s enamel. If your enamel is destroyed there’s a greater chance of developing sensitivity issues as well as infections. You’ll be fine as long as you crunch in moderation.

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#30 The 10 Hardest Languages To Learn

10. Russian

9. Mongolian

8. Thai

7. Vietnamese

6. Hungarian

5. Korean

4. Cantonese

3. Mandarin

2. Arabic

1. Japanese

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#31 What Your Hair Color Says About You?

• Redheads are confident. English researchers report that redheads are perceived to be the most outgoing.

• Blonds are romantic. French psychologists found that blonds are perceived to be the most active in relationships.

• Brown hair equals attractive. A German university did a survey and people with brown hair were found to be the most attractive.

• Black hair is intelligent. A Texas study found that people with black hair were perceived to have highest IQs.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#32 What Your Favorite Color Says About You?

• If your favorite is purple, you’re a perfectionist.

• Black means you love power.

• White means you like clean spaces.

• Yellow means you like to learn.

• Grey means you’re reliable.

• Red means you work hard and play harder.

• Brown means you’re a loyal friend.

• Pink means you’re extremely social.

• Orange means you’re a team player.

• Green means you’re organized.

• Blue means you put family and friends first.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#33 What Your Sleep Position Says About You?

• If you sleep curled up, you act tough, but are really sensitive.

• If you sleep like a log, you’re easy-going and trusting of strangers.

• If you sleep with your arms out, you’re looking for something more in your life.

• If you sleep on your stomach, you have a big personality, but you hate criticism.

• If you hug a pillow, you value relationships more than anything.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#34 The Best And Worst Zodiac Signs Based On Driving

According to insurance rates, the best drivers are:

1. Aries

2. Capricorn

3. Taurus

4. Cancer

5. Sagittarius

6. Libra

7. Scorpio

8. Gemini

9. Virgo

10. Pisces

11. Aquarius

12. Leo

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#35 What Your Handwriting Says About You

• If you write with small letters, you’re shy and detail-oriented.

• If you write with big letters, you’re outgoing and love attention.

• If you write quickly, you’re impatient.

• If you write slowly, you’re independent.

• If you write with heavy pressure, you’re good with commitment.

• If you write with light pressure, you’re sensitive.

• If you write with small spaces, you like being around others.

• If you write with big spaces, you enjoy being alone.

Image credits: caseyrosenberg

#36 The Top 10 Smartest Countries

10. South Korea

9. Canada

8. United Kingdom

7. Belgium

6. Russia

5. The Netherlands

4. The United States

3. China

2. Switzerland

1. Japan

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