How to Heat-treat Your Tips

If we had a company motto, it would be something like this: “If it were easy to do, then every idiot would do it.”

It’s something we say to ourselves when we’re fighting to find enough cotton cloth for a run of books, or a vendor for hinges for our dividers, or looking for damn Chicago screws without a burr on the underside of the head that has to be machined off and who does that and why am I not able to finish this sentence like a normal person?

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And so we look to Craig Jackson for salvation. 

Craig is the machinist we use for a lot of parts. He’s like if Matlock and Columbo had a baby. He’s easy to underestimate because of his Kentucky accent, and you do that at your own peril.

Anyway, for the last few weeks, we’ve been wrestling with the tips of our Crucible dividers. They have been getting bent in transit, and we’ve tried lots of strategies to stop the damage. All through the process, Craig kept saying: I can show customers how to heat-treat the tips at home.

But we ignored him. At our peril.

Finally, we came up with a solution with the CNC mill that would strengthen the tips. Craig said it would work, but he also sent this message:

“Heat treating the tips now.”

OK, because we live in a litigious society I have to say: Don’t do this, you fool. It’s a joke. You will hurt yourself badly (but please tell us if the tips increased in Rockwell hardness).

— Christopher Schwarz


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