“I Ask For Consent When I Go To Hug My Kids”: Therapist Mom Shares 10 Parenting Lessons, But Not Everyone Agrees With Her

Everyone parents a bit differently. Some are incredibly gentle, while others use tough love as their go-to tactic. We navigate raising our kids based on how our parents treated us, the society that we live in, and all of our life experiences, combined with our partner’s experiences. And because we’re all just doing our best and figuring it out as we go along, we should stay open-minded to learning how to become an even better parent.

Licensed therapist Jessica Stacy has recently been sharing videos on TikTok explaining things she teaches her children, along with things she chooses not to do to or with them, and some of her tips are blowing other parents’ minds. Many of us cannot afford to go to therapy ourselves, so it’s wonderful when a mental health professional goes out of their way to share knowledge or insight for free. 

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Below, you will find some of Jess’ TikToks explaining how she likes to parent, as well as some of the replies viewers have left on her videos, so you can decide for yourself if these habits would work well for your family. Then let us know in the comments section if you plan to adopt any of these rules yourself, and if you have any parenting tips of your own to share, feel free to leave them for your fellow pandas down below as well. Then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda piece featuring knowledge people have gained from attending therapy, we’ve got the perfect article for you to read next right here

This therapist has recently sparked a discussion on TikTok by sharing some of her personal rules for what she won’t do with her kids

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Image credits: strongtherapy

You can hear Jess share some of her personal parenting rules right here

@strongtherapy 5 things a Licensed Therapist doesn’t do with kids. #tiktoktherapist #therapistsoftiktok #mentalhealthtiktok #5things #5thingschallenge #5thingsiwouldneverdo #parentingtips #parentinghacks ♬ original sound – Jess (Licensed Therapist)

Because these parenting videos gained so much traction, Jess has continued sharing even more

@strongtherapy 5 more things I do not do with my kids as a licensed therapist practicing for 20 years. #tiktoktherapist #therapistsoftiktok #mentalhealthtiktok #5things #5thingsiwouldneverdo #fivethings #fivethingschallenge ♬ original sound – Jess (Licensed Therapist)

Jessica’s videos are not inherently controversial at all, yet they have received some negative and judgmental comments. She is simply sharing how she chooses to parent her kids, as a licensed therapist of 20 years. But when people feel like they are being judged or told what to do, they don’t always take kindly to that information. Perhaps if someone is taking Jessica’s videos personally, they might benefit from attending therapy themselves? Every parent is allowed to make their own decisions about how to raise their children, but they should not immediately dismiss everything Jess recommends. In fact, if  they are curious about any of her rules, they can do a bit of their own research about why treating kids this way can help them become more emotionally available, emotionally intelligent, empathetic and open-minded.

It would probably be wise for everyone to see a therapist, at least for a few months, at some point in their lives. And before having children might be the perfect time. Having kids is an extreme life change, and it can be difficult to know exactly how having kids will affect you. If you have lingering trauma or unaddressed issues from childhood, I’m sure you don’t want to pass those along to your little ones. Going to therapy can be a great way to open up and clear any skeletons out of your emotional closet to ensure that you can give your kids the best version of you.

According to Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling, it’s great to seek therapy before starting a family, so you can break the cycle of any trauma that was passed to you from your parents. And you might be surprised how beneficial speaking to a professional can be for you. “Children take a lot out of us emotionally which is why dealing with any pending mental health stuff prior to having them is recommended. Further, it is known for mental health problems to pass from one generation to the next because of conditioning and the way we may end up nurturing our young ones,” Silicon Valley Marriage Counseling explains on their site. “Seeking therapy prior to having a baby might alert you of anything that needs to be addressed and gives you the time and space to work on it. That way, you can be a healthier and safer parent.”

Whether or not you agree with Jessica’s personal parenting philosophy, it’s never bad to get an outside perspective on parenting. After all, we should always be making informed decisions in our lives, so the way that we choose to raise our children should be no different. Let us know down below if you agree with her tips and if any in particular made you stop and think about changing your own ways. And if you’d like to check out even more of Jessica’s videos featuring insight from a licensed therapist, you can find her TikTok account right here.  

Jess’ videos have impacted many viewers, with some wholeheartedly agreeing and others becoming curious about the best parenting methods

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And then there were some parents who became very vocal about how strongly they disagreed with Jess’ ideas

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