If The World Feels Like A Terrible Place, Check Out 121 Of The Most Wholesome And Uplifting Things People Shared Online (New Pics)

The idea behind feel-good stories is that it’s important to counteract the negativity of bad news.

Of course, there will always be skeptics who say maintaining optimism in the long run is impossible and that every attempt to prove otherwise is just a form of escapism, but every now and then something happens that puts a smile on your face and makes you believe that we’re all going to be OK.

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So we at Bored Panda put together a new collection of such moments to remind you that there’s still good in this world. Whether it’s someone beating an illness or caring for an animal in need, we people are strong and have an endless capacity to love, and we can’t forget that.

Continue scrolling to check out the list and if you need more positivity, fire up our earlier publications of the series here, here, and here.

#1 The Breathtaking Bravery Of Russian Citizens Who Know They’ll Be Arrested For Protesting The War And Do It Anyway

Image credits: Ace-Ventura1934

#2 That’s Amazing

Image credits: nictoobomb

#3 This Is The Way

Image credits: fesshole

#4 My Son Is Autistic And Loves Cats, So For The Past 4 Years He Has Volunteered To Socialize The Cats And Kittens At Our Local Animal Shelter To Help Get Them Adopted

Image credits: HisMomm

#5 I Volunteer At The Humane Society And Fell In Love With This Girl. I Cried When I Found Out She Had Been Adopted. Two Weeks Later And She Was Returned For Being “Too Lazy”

Took her straight home to her new couch where she is the cutest potato. Don’t know her name yet but just look at that face.

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 I’m Opening A Brewery/Taproom And Modified The Men/Women Restrooms To All Gender

Image credits: sarrugs

#7 A Ukrainian Man With Down Syndrome Bakes Bread To Feed Ukrainian Soldiers Fighting The War

Image credits: goodbread_fromgoodpeople

#8 This Dad Has One Great Son

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: sandwoman-23

#9 One Year Ago They Gave Me A 30% Chance Of Survival. Today I’m Still Standing Through My Last Day Of Chemo

Image credits: GlowStone05

#10 Shout Out To The Parents For Being Wholesome And Inclusive

Image credits: iSlingShlong

#11 The First Portrait I Ever Did Back In 2011 vs. The Most Recent Portrait From 2021, It’s Been A Long Journey

Image credits: Proka1234

#12 An Incredible Turnaround

Image credits: killHACKS

#13 Seeing My Husband The Day After Donating 68% Of My Liver To Him

Image credits: anxietygirl13

#14 This Man Spoke With Every Parent In Uvalde, Texas To Build Personalized Caskets For All 19 Children Who Were Shot. His Name Is Trey Ganem

Image credits: jcepiano

#15 12-Year-Old Kid Is Adopted By The Family Of His Best Friend

We don’t know which is sweeter: Andrew and Joc’s love of KelloggsUS PopTarts, or the bond these two share! We are thrilled that Andrew has found his forever family with his best friend and new brother, Joc, and the Gill family

Image credits: youthvillages

#16 An 80-Year-Old Who Showed Up To Join The Ukrainian Army, Carrying With Him A Small Case With 2 T-Shirts, A Pair Of Extra Pants, A Toothbrush And A Few Sandwiches For Lunch

He said he was doing it for his grandkids.

Image credits: Heathenstothemax

#17 During The Memorial Day Siren, An Holocaust Survivor Is Being Honored By Her Granddaughter

Image credits: Sinotek2

#18 Blessed Family

Image credits: iannorman

#19 I Cleaned My Depression Room

Image credits: Cydonia23

#20 Not All Heroes Wear Capes (Bottom Right)

Image credits: Blaaaaaaaargh

#21 This Goose At My Hospital Laid Eggs And Is Nesting In A Large Planter, One Of Our Maintenance Guys Built This Umbrella For Her And Set Her Up With Nearby Water

Image credits: OrangeCosmos

#22 I Made My Own Wedding Dress. I Feel Just Okay About It, But I Thought I’d Share Anyway

Image credits: sd1272

#23 I Can Finally Stand With No Hands

Image credits: miraclman31

#24 A Pic I Took Of My Husband With All The Books He Wrote

Image credits: FaolansPen

#25 I’m A Father! My Wife Didn’t Want Me To Share Any Pictures With Family Yet But I Can’t Hold It In. He Is Perfect And Since None Of You Are Family, I’m Just Hoping I Can Spread My Joy

Image credits: jaybro861

#26 Ukrainian Soldier And A Rescued Dog

Image credits: PotatoFromTwitter

#27 6 Months Ago, Our Psycho Neighbor Trapped Our Cat And Released Him 12 Miles Away. Today, We Found Him! Welcome Home, Iggy

Image credits: lochnessa7

#28 Hikmet Kaya, An Engineer From Turkey, Standing In Front Of A Land Which He Afforested For 41 Years

Image credits: -cuco-

#29 Just Landed My Dream Job… To Teach People About Dinosaurs And Prehistoric Animals At A Natural History Museum

Image credits: jillison_flook

#30 A Round Of Applause To This Lady

Image credits: Next-Caterpillar-393

#31 Had Me At The First Part For Sure

Image credits: skweezy

#32 A Very Proud Dad

Image credits: SPuro88

#33 This Is Somehow Super Cute

Image credits: alystockton

#34 Our Neighbor From India Asked If We Have A Sauté Pan For Him To Lend. We Had And This Is How He Returned It

Image credits: BabbelMatze

#35 This Restaurant Not Only Welcomes Dogs, It Offers Dog Portions For Cheap

Image credits: RCViking44

#36 Awww

Image credits: thefourthvine

#37 A Doll With Down Syndrome Sold At A Big-Box Store

Image credits: Zombait

#38 I Was A Bro For A Stranger Today Who Will Be Getting My Bone Marrow, You Should Sign Up To Be Someone’s Bro Too

Image credits: razgris1232

#39 My Father, 67. Finally A Us Citizen After 17 Years Of Processes And Paperwork

Image credits: Fw7toWin

#40 This Pet Shop Don’t Sell Bunnies At Easter

Image credits: TheDampTeacloth

#41 My Son Got His First Pair Of Glasses

Image credits: CtrlAshDelete1988

#42 Members Of The Un Council Walked Out On The Speech Of Russia’s Minister Of Foreign Affairs

Image credits: AnActualPlatypus

#43 I Rang The Damn Bell Still, A Long Way To Go Stage Three Cancer, But A Huge Milestone Nonetheless

Image credits: Mintpink

#44 Look At This Guys

Image credits: Mitnickk

#45 Happy Kitties

Image credits: imadeanaccountjustandonlyforthis

#46 I Challenged Myself To Read More During Quarantine

Image credits: TwoDaysRide

#47 2.5 Year Difference. From Being Exploded To Thriving, I Didn’t Think I’d Make It Through The Physical And Mental Aspects Of Recovery. But, Here I Am

Image credits: abbeyiskewl

#48 Update From August When I Was Dumped And Got A Cat: I Named Him Mephistopheles And We Are Doing Quite Well

Image credits: Rose_en_Quartz

#49 Ukrainians Waiting In Line To Donate Blood To Injured Soldiers And Civilians

Image credits: Svejk_

#50 My 18-Year-Old Donating Stem Cells Today To A Stranger With Blood Cancer. Proud Is An Understatement

Image credits: CheeseFace83

#51 These Are Ukrainian Refugees After Cleaning Up A Park In Poland As A Thank You For Hosting Them. They’re Organizing These Things All Over Poland Now

Image credits: irishrugby2015

#52 My Radiotherapy Treatments Worked! Most Tumors Has Reduced In Size And Are Less Painful

Image credits: benhundben

#53 My Wife Receiving An Anonymous Donor’s Bone Marrow That Can Potentially Save Her Life

Image credits: never-sleeps

#54 Wife Just Got Home From An 8 Day Trip. Found Her Like This

Image credits: tnick771

#55 Proud Moment

Image credits: Vie_thuosha

#56 Couple Finds Bear Setting Up Winter Hibernation Under Their Deck. Allows Him To Stay Rent-Free

Image credits: MRairden

#57 I Think I Found My Favorite Photography Genre

Image credits: profmageorge

#58 Wholesome Weather Guy

Image credits: leakypod

#59 These Are What We Stay Alive For

Image credits: twitter.com

#60 Found Out Today My Great-Uncle (Right) Is Dog Walking Buddies With Stephen King

Image credits: atonofapples

#61 The Original Gay Pride Flag, And The Sewing Machine It Was Made On

Image credits: thoslayer6942069

#62 After 170 Hours I Finally Finished My Drawing

Image credits: konfufish

#63 Impressive Work

Image credits: nikki_mcmullen

#64 I Don’t Usually Like To Smile For Photos, But This Month Is The One Year Anniversary Since My Overdose And The 6 Month Anniversary Of Being Sober

I figured I deserve a smile.

Image credits: nikktea

#65 For My 18th Birthday I Got A Tattoo Of My Dad’s Laugh On My Arm, He Passed 3 Years Ago. I Have His Smile And Joy Wherever I Go Now

Image credits: drewsoulman

#66 My 9-Year-Old Found This Rock A Month Ago And It Became His “Lucky” Rock. He Takes It Everywhere. Today I Have An Important Job Interview And I Found His Rock On My Seat

Image credits: buckeyespud

#67 This Is Just A Work Of An Hour

Image credits: 4tpn

#68 This Child Saw An Elderly Man Having Trouble Shopping, Due To An Immobile Neck

The child asked his parents if he could help, and helped the elderly man with his entire shopping list.

Image credits: CharityOk4970

#69 I Painted This Ukrainian Cossack In Oils Raising Money For Ukraine

Image credits: PavelSokov

#70 Stuffed Toy Made From My 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Drawing

Image credits: Mazzack

#71 This Is A Photo Of Men Who Have Traveled From Ireland To Fight For Ukraine’s Freedom

Image credits: abdulkxrim

#72 My Mom Has Had Cancer 3 Times And Because Of All The Meds And Chemo, Her Hair Won’t Grow Back

My 5-year-old daughter was playing with her toys the other day and did this. Her explanation: “Mom sometimes princesses don’t have hair.”

Image credits: HotLips4077

#73 A New Style I’ve Been Working Lately And Want To Share With You All

Image credits: wagnerkuroiwa

#74 The Best Part About This Mural Is That I Put My Dog In It

Image credits: mnhaverland

#75 Passed By This While Walking In Philadelphia

“Noticed your window was down. Hope this helps keep the rain out.”

Image credits: oskydaman

#76 My Wife Just Birthed Our Child

Image credits: Necessary_Agent_5435

#77 At The Tender Age Of 35 I’ve Bought My First House. Hasn’t Quite Sunk In Yet But I’m Looking Forward To The Journey Ahead

Image credits: payg86

#78 Having The Best Possible Valentines Dinner Date

Image credits: Mr_MicMac_BE

#79 After Months Of Work I’m Finally Having My First Art Show

Image credits: ryandavisartwork

#80 At 5-Years-Old, My Oldest Daughter (Now 21) Drew A Picture Of Me As A Hot-Air Balloon And Her Riding In The Basket. Now It’s A Permanent Tattoo

Originally the drawing was black and white, so I had my two other daughters add the color in crayons. This drawing has made me smile every day for 16 years. 

Image credits: theundercoverpapist

#81 Made 60+ Assorted House Cupcakes For My Son’s Class Cake Sale Tomorrow. Including Some With Mystery-Colored Icing In The Middle To “Sort” The Kids Into Houses

I know they’re pretty basic but the kids will hopefully like them

Image credits: MissL7

#82 At 38-Years-Old, This Is $1,100 That I Have Saved Up After Defeating 23 Years Of Addiction

Image credits: EveryXtakeYouCanMake

#83 6 Months Sober Today. Life Is Good

Image credits: singing-sailor

#84 Not Leaving Anyone Behind

Image credits: u24_news

#85 2 Wars, Same People

Image credits: medizerovan

#86 Mini Food Pantry – Jonesville, NC – Should Be One in Every Town

Image credits: yodamark

#87 Saw These Handmade Hats And Mittens In My Local Park When Walking The Dog. Very Proud Of My City

Image credits: KnewItWouldHappen

#88 Loved My Son’s Slippers So Much I Had To Commission Someone To Make Me A Matching Pair

Image credits: Guns_and_Dank

#89 I’m From Ireland, Moved To US To Be With My US Wife, My Dog Came Too, Of Course. My Mum Knitted Him An “Irish” Scarf To Keep Him Warm In Ohio Winters And Sent It Over

Image credits: dallypusher

#90 We Cleaned Nearly 150 Lbs Of Trash Out Of The Waterway Behind Our Corporate Office

Image credits: thinkdeep

#91 A Place That Is Done With People

Image credits: lapuneta

#92 Finished Product! Just Over 10 Liters Of Sweet, Smoky Maple Syrup

Image credits: atodaso

#93 My Wife And I Opened A Cookie Café In Spain And Just Had Our Door Grate Spray-Painted

Image credits: InspiraSean86

#94 My Husband Stops By Our Local Grocery Store Every Friday To Get Roses For Me. Today They Hid All The Roses Behind The Counter So He Could Have First Choice

 It’s been my husband’s tradition for years. Apparently, the managers noticed.

Image credits: seriphae

#95 Got Engaged To My Best Friend At The Cliffs Of Moher

Image credits: DCreeden

#96 I Completed The LEGO Titanic. I’m The King Of The World

Image credits: blackmachine312

#97 My Husband Is In The Coast Guard And The Owner Of The House We Are Renting Through A Local Property Manager Sent Me This Email Last Night. I’ve Met Him Once

Image credits: pantygate

#98 I’m 2 Years Sober Today

Image credits: Free-Independence-73

#99 My Cat And I Are Both Blind In One Eye. We Are A Matching Pair

Image credits: Miceeks

#100 When I Was Depressed In High School, I Would Often Times Go Into The Bathroom To Isolate. I’d Sit In A Stall And Miss My Classes Or Just Cry

Once, after I left my stall, this was on the mirror. Just found it again after cleaning out boxes of old stuff and am equally moved as I was back then.

Image credits: pitzmaroon

#101 Quit Drinking 6 Months Ago, Put The Money I Would Have Spent On Booze Aside And Was Able To Go Fully Next Gen Today With It. Proud Of Myself, And Extremely Happy. Cheers

Image credits: Currie95

#102 You Can’t Even Be Mad

Image credits: tan2017

#103 Couple Moves Into 4 Privet Drive

Image credits: Jessieeox

#104 I’m An Animal Shelter Photographer. A Stranger From The Internet Sent Me This Very Cool Laser Backdrop

Image credits: magpiephotos

#105 This Is Beautiful

Image credits: jordanrasko

#106 I Made It A Full Year Since I Quit My Job To Pursue Art. Bills Paid, Baby

Image credits: Tandizojere

#107 My Grandma Sends Me Fruit In The Mail Because I’m Pregnant. Today It’s Strawberries

Image credits: DMmeYourCat

#108 After 43 Days, Banksy Finally Made It Back Home To Us! Susie (Woman In The Light Tan Jacket) Found Him On Her Horse Farm 14 Miles Away. We Are So Shocked And Happy

Image credits: Elephunk23

#109 I’m Engaged. Again Lol. Trans-Love Just Hits Different

Image credits: JessiesGirl_RickyM

#110 4 Years Ago, I Was Homeless And Living In An Abandoned Carwash. Today, I’m Recovering From My Gender-Affirming Surgery

 The first two pics are 4 years ago today. Last pic, a couple of weeks ago

Image credits: leathebimbo

#111 It’s My Parent’s 21st Anniversary Today. They Managed To Buy The Exact Same Card From Different Stores

Image credits: Processing—

#112 This Blind Date For Books

Image credits: Egotlib

#113 In Kyiv People Are Leaving Money After Taking Drinks Because There Were No Cashiers In The Store

Image credits: Hey_KJ

#114 My Mom And Dad Are Back Together After 15 Years

They broke up after a decade because life tore them apart and now it’ll be a year back together in late February!

Image credits: saylorsaylor

#115 Won My Very First Food Competition Yesterday

Image credits: TheDJ88

#116 I’ve Made A Stained Glass Demi Flag For Myself And Then Started With Other Flags So All My Friends Have One, I Will Make More, But I Have To Order More Colors

Image credits: EsperantaDragon

#117 Couple Married Onboard Flight To Las Vegas When Previous Flight Got Cancelled

Last Tuesday, Pam and Jeremy joked that they should hop on a plane to get married in Vegas. It wasn’t long before both realized that the other wasn’t actually kidding, so they booked a flight for Sunday on one of our competitors, with a Vegas wedding chapel appointment Sunday night.

Come Sunday, the couple arrived at DFW from OKC, just to learn their connection to LAS was canceled. But that’s when their bad luck ended.

Chris, another passenger traveling to LAS from DFW, overheard Pam and Jeremy discussing how they might still get to Vegas in time for their appointment. Chris also happened to be an ordained minister and offered to marry the couple himself! The three went online, snatched up the last three seats to Vegas on a Southwest flight, and hurried together across town to Dallas Love Field.

As they boarded the flight, their Pilot, Captain Gil, noticed Pam’s wedding dress and asked her about it (oh yeah, we forgot to mention: Pam and Jeremy were in full wedding attire, just for the fun of it!). Pam explained their story and joked with Captain Gil they should just get married on the flight. For the second time that week, Pam was surprised to hear the words, “Let’s do it!”

Image credits: SouthwestAir

#118 Heated Dog Parking While Shopping

Image credits: pimzon

#119 A Little Girl In My Sons Kindergarten Class Made Everyone Handmade Soap For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: my_milkshakes

#120 Saved And Adopted This Lady A Year Ago

Image credits: Driv3safe

#121 Complimented A Guy’s Shirt And Said “I’d Love To Have A Finex One Day”. He Said That He Sold His Company To Lodge And Sent Me This

Image credits: MrCrash2U

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