If You’re Feeling Down, These 151 Wholesome Pics Might Lift You Up (New Pics)

We’ve all made it. Let’s stand for a big round of applause for the 2020 survivors: you, me, our loved ones, relatives, frenemies, and whatnot. The good news is, it’s all history now and the twenty twenty (w)one memes are here to stay in the archive.

The better news is that we are off to a good start. Just think about it… the long-awaited Covid-19 vaccines are in, Biden is president, and the earth is still round.

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To show you that we are all going to be alright, Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most wholesome pictures to warm our hearts and bring us a sense of happiness. Remember to upvote your favorite uplifting stories and let us know in the comments below what made you smile recently.

After all, happiness is contagious. Trust us, we all know very well what we’re saying.

#1 My Daughter Finished Chemotherapy Today

Image credits: TheTiniestGhoul

#2 2500 Mile Flight, 2 Hour Drive, 6 Hour Hike, And My Wife Is At Rest

We got to know each other on a backpacking trip there, and I proposed in the same mountains a year later.

Image credits: MECHASCHMECK

#3 I Overcame My Depression And Went For A Hike. It’s The Small Things

Image credits: JesseD320

#4 4-Year-Old In Virginia Today Went Outside To Play Then Came Back To The Front Door With A New Friend

Image credits: SeenSomeThangs

#5 Hadn’t Seen Each Other Since Daycare Closed, Parents Arranged A Playdate. When It Was Time To Leave:

Image credits: throwitintheair22

#6 I Came Out When I Was 14 (Now 35) And To Say My Parents Weren’t Thrilled Is A Complete Understatement. But Last Night, 21 Years Later, I Saw This Little Ornament On Their Tree

I really can’t believe how far they’ve both come as humans.

Image credits: macthesnackattack

#7 I Decided To Finally Go Vaccinated Behind My Anti-Vax Parent’s Back

Image credits: tazijade

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#8 I Was A Homeless Heroin Addict For 3 Years. Monday, I Begin My Career As Coordinator Of A Homeless Shelter

Image credits: RoamingRonnie

#9 Sister And Unsung Brotherhood

Image credits: ForgotYouTexted

#10 Best Way To End Year. My Lil Dude Is Officially My Son

Image credits: lastofadinosaur

#11 You Can Never Know What’s Going On Inside Someone’s Head

Image credits: HeatherTDay

#12 My 90-Year-Old Nana And Her 23-Year-Old Cat Love Sending Me Goodnight Selfies

Image credits: thirdtheprincess1

#13 I Met This Kid At An Orphanage In Tanzania A Few Years Ago And Told Him That If He Studied Hard, I’d Pay For His School To Help Him Towards His Dream Of Becoming A Doctor

He just got into medical school. I don’t have kids but I’m proud like a mother hen.

Image credits: Lim_er_ick

#14 Villagers In India Made Giant Sweaters To Keep Rescued Elephants Warm

Image credits: Roger Allen

#15 Long Lost Siblings

Image credits: itswalela

#16 Handsome Dog Photoshoot

Image credits: jennyj_lee

#17 The CEO Of My Company Doing The Dishes After Buying Everyone Lunch. This Is Why I Love My Job

Image credits: w-o-r-k-l-o-g-i-n

#18 10-Hour Shifts 6 Days A Week In 100 Degree Florida Heat Wearing Face Masks, If We Can Do It So Can You

Image credits: nuddycaleb

#19 Stray Doggo Interrupts Street Performance In Turkey To Help The Actor Who Was Pretending To Be Hurt. What A Pure Heart

Image credits: tilltheend0ftime

#20 Randomly Reunited With My Sister Tonight After She Ran Away From Home In 2005

The story is quite long and painful, but the summary is that we were raised in an abusive home. She had an undiagnosed mental illness and ran away at 17, I was 16. She was on the streets and dealing with addiction, in and out of rehab but she’s been clean for nearly a year now. It wasn’t random in that we accidentally bumped into each other, but random in that I assumed I’d never see her again as she became a distant memory, but that all changed overnight. I received a call before bed yesterday from another family member that they’d made contact with her, and that she’d actually moved back to our home city 2 years ago. Less than 24 hours later and she’s back in my life again. The whole thing feels very surreal and I’m still trying to wrap my head around what just happened.

Image credits: HealinMyMind

#21 Giraffe Saying Hello To Terminally Ill Patient During “Last Wish” Event In Dutch Zoo

Image credits: StAmbulancewens

#22 This Caring Dog Was Worried The Baby Isn’t Visibly Eating

Their dog hasn’t eaten well since they brought their baby home – the dog kept taking food into the living room and leaving it there. Someone suggested the dog might be worried the baby isn’t visibly eating, so is “feeding” the baby. They tried giving the baby a bowl of food at the same time. It worked.

Image credits: xianaa

#23 Today My Daughter Is 5 Years Cancer Free! I Took This Photo To Commemorate Washing Away 5 Years

Image credits: Cyclone2000

#24 Nike Surprises Justin Gallegos With A Contract. Justin Is Their First Professional Athlete With Cerebral Palsy

Image credits: SoDakZak

#25 My 8-Year-Old Is Painting Pet Portraits To Raise Money For The Animal Shelter

Image credits: backaritagain

#26 The Man Standing On The Left Is The Patient’s Uber Driver. He Went Inside With Him Because He Had No One Else To Keep Him Company While In The Hospital. So Kind

Image credits: regian24

#27 Things Have Changed

Image credits: aaaronbrown

#28 This Post My Mom Made On My Birthday A Few Years Ago Still Makes Me Cry

Image credits: carter_swank10

#29 I Won Second Place For My Painting! I’m Very Excited So Hope You Guys Don’t Mind My Sharing

Image credits: Cerulean_Shades

#30 Guys My Dad Is No Longer Transphobic. It Was My Birthday Today And He Got Me This Gift. I Cried My Eyes Out

He chose me over his beliefs. This is what the shirt looks like from the front and back. I’m pre-t and got a long way to go, it’s nice to know that I got support from my family.

Image credits: FinalCelebration5

#31 My Grandmother Turned 100 Last October, This Is Her Doing The Plank For 30 Seconds

Image credits: Leopoldo14

#32 2 Years Ago Today I Received A Bone Marrow Transplant To Cure My Second Relapse Of Leukemia. Today I’m Officially Cured

Image credits: Zerocare

#33 Blessed Serenade

Image credits: venmo4feet

#34 Today’s World Is Sad And Cruel. Let’s Make It A Better Place. Here’s A Heart For Ya

Image credits: JesseD320

#35 Pilot Celebrates At Her Graduation As The First Black Female Tactical Jet Pilot In US Navy History

Image credits: U.S. Navy

#36 I Put Out A Request On Facebook In November For Mail For My 19-Year-Old Son, With Autism, Who Loves Walking To The Post Office

He has lost over 75 lbs from keto and these walks. He has received over 3200 letters and parcels with kind words and encouragement from over 24 different countries.

Image credits: swazmom74

#37 Turning A Dead Tree Into A Small Free Library That Looks Like Something Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Image credits: -sUBzERoo-

#38 My 8-Year-Old Daughter Has Been Growing Her Hair For Nearly 2 Years To Donate It To A Charity That Makes Wigs For Cancer Kids That Cannot Afford Them

Today was the day she had it cut.

Image credits: thespud_332

#39 What Started As An Accidental Text Turned Into An Annual Tradition

This all started through a message sent to the wrong number about a Thanksgiving dinner. The man in the middle asked if he could come to Thanksgiving anyway even though they were complete strangers. They’ve been having Thanksgiving together for years now.

Image credits: Kiz-Fil-A

#40 I’ve Hosted A Friend Since November Due To Her Depression. Today She Made Her Bed For The First Time. She’s At The Store Right Now

Image credits: cooterholland

#41 A UPS Driver Delivered Nearly 200 Packages A Day Through Lockdowns And The Holiday Season. This Week, Hundreds Of Neighbors Came Out To Give Him A Hero’s Salute

Image credits: screenshotofdispair

#42 That’s Why Dogs Are Human’s Best Friends

Image credits: likeloveadore

#43 My Niece (6) Loves Santa Claus. My Dad (76) Loves My Niece. Dad’s Been Growing That Beard Since May

Image credits: Mitsananikone

#44 It Doesn’t Get Easier But This Lightened The Weight Just A Bit

Image credits: LocdWithNessa

#45 My Father Said He Started Leaving Food Out Like I Do, I Visited Him Today And Saw This

Image credits: Z06Chris

#46 12 Years Ago I Was Homeless. Today I’m A Homeowner

Image credits: BetteMoxie

#47 Dad Sleeps Downstairs On The Sofa Bed With Elderly Dog To Keep Him Company Since Dog Can’t Get Up The Stairs Anymore

Image credits: HoldMyThrowawaysWife

#48 These Neighbors Adjusted Their Fence So They Could Enjoy A Beer Together With Social Distance

Image credits: jcepiano

#49 My Fiancée And I Made It Through A Long Distance Relationship Across The World From Each Other While Both Maintaining Our Own Individual Recovery From Addiction

During a year like 2020, it was hard but if we made it anyone can. I hope y’all have a beautiful 2021.

Image credits: huntervsaddiction

#50 Someone In The Apartment Across From Mine Is About To Get Proposed To

Image credits: Princess_Daisy_Dukes

#51 True Love Knows No Fences

Image credits: ifaponfirstdate

#52 My Friend Eating A Burger With Prosthetic Hands I Designed And Built For Him

Image credits: MakerHand

#53 Dad Made Sure To Pay For His Son’s First Beer 6 Years After He Passed

Image credits: mattg12699

#54 My Mum Made This For Me

Image credits: ltbluepoetry

#55 Accurate If You Ask Me

Image credits: ersxo__

#56 My Last Day Of Cancer Treatment

Image credits: tmoneyadventures

#57 A Doctor At A High Risk Hospital Is Living Away From His Family. This Is How He Sees His Toddler

Image credits: Alyssa Burks

#58 This Is So Wholesome

Image credits: EWOKinLA

#59 My Dog Diesel Passed Away Last Month. I Had Him Cremated And His Ashes Spun In This Orb

Image credits: bleedinorange

#60 I’ve Been Going Through Hard Times. Lost My Home And My Food. I Made A Post Selling My Cell Phone To Pay For Rent And Groceries

I’ve been given so much support since that post. One redditor bought me and my dog a ton of food. I am so grateful. This is next level of kindness. Thank you.

Image credits: _OP_is_A_

#61 I Found This Memorial In The Redwoods, Random Hikers Brought Rocks To Pay Respects To Peanut

Image credits: mh15634

#62 I’m A Grocery Cashier. Little Girl Comes Through My Line And Gives Me This. Said He Would Keep Me Safe

Image credits: Veavictis

#63 My Son Is In A Wheelchair. I Turned It Into BB-8 And Took Him To Hollywood Studios. Here Is The BB-8-Chair Build

Image credits: crrude

#64 I’ve Gone From A Craniotomy To Ninja Warrior In The Span Of A Year

Image credits: QuiGonGiveItToYa

#65 Just Last Summer She Was In Decline At An Assisted Living Facility In Florida, Dangerously Underweight, Needing A Walker And Feeling Isolated And Depressed Due To Covid-19

She has rebounded and is walking unassisted and mentally sharp as a tack. She’s celebrating her 100’th birthday today.

Image credits: akla-ta-aka

#66 Salute To The Colonel

Image credits: cmdr_hadfield

#67 2 Months Of Work And Thanks To You Guys For The Motivation, I Got My 88 Year-Old Co-Worker Published And Delivered His First Book

Thanks to you for the support and motivation!

Image credits: saxesun

#68 Blessed Chat

Image credits: MisterNigerD

#69 6 Years Ago I Was A Homeless Junkie With Nothing To Live For. Now 4,5 Years Sober, Just Turned 30 Last Month, And I Work At One Of The Correctional Facilities I Was Locked Up At

Image credits: LouisGrip

#70 Think Global, Act Local

Image credits: Daniel_Toben

#71 This Dad Got A Tattoo To Match His Son’s Birthmark To Boost His Self Esteem

Image credits: Ronnie Koenig

#72 This Cat Climbs The Tree Every Day To Say Hi To The House Cat

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#73 And I Never Thought That 17 Years Later, My Best Friend Would Live To Meet My First Child

Image credits: Physical_Boss3285

#74 A Few Years Back I Was Devastated That I Couldn’t Ski Anymore. Thanks To Some Cool Tech, A New Mindset And Some Determination I’m Skiing Better Than Ever

Image credits: benhundben

#75 Got A Nice Surprise From The Cleaners After Staying At A Hotel For The Past 3 Months Because Of Work

Image credits: SweetButterCrumpets

#76 I Made 35 Desks For Students In My Area Who Are Home Due To Distance Learning

Image credits: goodlyearth

#77 I Don’t Know If Angels Exist, But If They Do My Mom Is One. My Mom Taking Care Of Her Dad As He Loses The Fight Against Covid

Image credits: SoaringMagpies

#78 My Stepdad Didn’t Want A Kitten The Whole Time We Were Looking For One, This Is Him Within 30 Seconds After The Kitten Arrived

Image credits: ToastinNBoastin

#79 Happy Birthday Lucas

Image credits: meowspoopy

#80 New Zealand Has Handled Covid So Well That Now Even The Police Are Partying At One Of The Biggest Festivals Of The Year

Image credits: Elmotomoto

#81 Serbian Mountaineers Deliver New Year’s Presents To Kids In Belgrade University’s Children’s Hospital

Image credits: Porodicnostablo

#82 She Absolutely Loves Legend Of Zelda, Thought This Was Perfect

She said yes! Yes, she is aware that her nails that she painted just the day before chipped… and she doesn’t care all the same. She was too excited to care!

Image credits: NyteKrawlah

#83 We Adopted These Two Cats The Year My Son Was Born, They’ve Grown Up Together And Now The Three Are Inseparable

Image credits: eehttofu

#84 Bought Something For Our Dog On Chewy, But He Died Before It Got Here. Not Only Did They Refund Us The Money, But Also They Sent Us Flowers That Were The Color Of His Fur

They also said to keep it and donate it to a local shelter in his name.

Image credits: KiraCoatl

#85 My 3-Year-Old Daughter Caught Her First Fish Today

Image credits: crapinlaws08

#86 My Son Feeling Proud About The LEGO Set He Just Built

Image credits: rodcurran556

#87 Got Told I Was Crazy To Try To Produce Purses During The Shutdowns. Yesterday I Shipped My 365th Bag

Image credits: jiinxyee

#88 My Grandfather Bought These In 1956 And Gave Them To Me When He Retired In 1996. I’ve Carried Them On Many Jobs In Multiple Countries Over 3 Continents

I hope he’s proud that he inspired me to become an engineer.

Image credits: JohnSherlockHolmes

#89 My Little One Having A Nice Breakfast With Her Dad Who’s Finally Home From The Hospital After A Week. Just In Time For Christmas

Image credits: 24pregnantBC

#90 By The Power Of A Youtube Live Stream, I Am Now A New York Attorney

Image credits: Title26

#91 A Few Years Ago I Had My Prosthesis Converted To A Pegleg, And Sailed Across The Gulf Of Mexico, Then The Caribbean, To Guatemala And Climbed The Mayan Pyramids

Image credits: jefuchs

#92 Mike And Sierra Sullivans Built A Small Woodworking Shop And Started Making Toys As A Hobby 10 Years Ago. This Christmas, They’ve Given Away 1,400 Toys To Kids Across America

Image credits: GlendaM94062232

#93 74 Years Married

Image credits: SpiroAgnewGhost

#94 So That’s Where All My Tennis Balls Went

Image credits: flyfalafel

#95 My 88-Year-Old Grandfather Holding A Bunny For The Very First Time

Image credits: OPJesseVeronie

#96 My New Year’s Resolution Is To Leave Little Pieces Of Art Around Town For People To Find. Today Was Day One

Making the art helps me maintain my sobriety, and hopefully, it will brighten someone’s day to find it out in the wild.

Image credits: willows_closet

#97 I’m A Registered Nurse Who Almost Died From Covid In March. It Took A While To Recover, But I Fought Hard And Got A Job As A Clinical Instructor At My Old School

I’m so happy to be alive and to be able to influence these future nurses.

Image credits: reawaken29

#98 Told My Dad That I Bought The Game “Risk”. He Said He’d Never Played. I Show Up To His House And Find Him With Printed Out Battle Plans And Map Strategies

Image credits: friendscallmeadolph

#99 Almost 40 Years Together And This Is How They Still Watch TV

Image credits: JediLlama666

#100 My Fiancé Cooks Every Night. I’m Secretly Filling In A Review Book Of What I Think Of His Amazing Cooking, I’m Going To Surprise Him With It When We Get Married

Image credits: BookkeeperHefty2143

#101 Woman Sews Bears From Covid-19 Victims’ Clothing

Image credits: Armybert

#102 This Boy Came To My Partner And I As A Foster Dog, But Within Hours Of Meeting We Knew We Wanted To Keep Him Forever. Introducing Hades, My Big Soft Goofball

Image credits: neekokitty

#103 Sighting In Lake Wānaka

Image credits: QLDCinfo

#104 My Wife Became A Citizen Today! No Family Allowed So We Celebrate At Home

Image credits: hughmalkin

#105 My Best Friend’s First Time Holding A Puppy

Image credits: Sassmasterssammy

#106 Three Years Ago I Survived Cardiac Arrest Caused By Anaphylactic Shock. I Was Lost And Depressed And Alone. Today, I Hit Two Years Clean From Self Harm. I Can Smile Again

It gets better, friends. Keep on fighting. You are not alone.

Image credits: _-SLAYER

#107 Came Home From Work To See My Wife In Her Wedding Dress. We’ve Been Married 8 Years Today

Image credits: largesemi

#108 My 10-Year-Old Self Left Me His “Life Savings” For When I Turned 18. It Totaled Around $124 Dollars

Image credits: SarcasticMonkeys_

#109 We Were Stuck In Costa Rica For 3 Months So We Decided To Get Married. Take That Pandemic

We are a couple for 10 years now and did a trip with our van from Vancouver to Costa Rica for one year so we said this would be the perfect ending for it.

Image credits: sanny0807

#110 My Grandma And Grandpa Just Delivered Me Thanksgiving Meal Because They Aren’t Having Everyone Over

Image credits: Blueshark25

#111 My Mum Filming Her 1st Youtube Video, She’s Always Been Too Shy To Talk To The Camera But She Did It

Image credits: SuperdavidioZ

#112 My Mama Retired As An Emergency Room Nurse Yesterday And Her Coworkers Threw Her A Huge Party

Image credits: Kvk1991

#113 I Beat Heart Surgery! My Surgery Was December 2019. I Was Bed Bound For A Week, Followed By Another 4 Months Of Not Working Out At All

I feared my previous lifting progress would be gone forever, but I did it, guys! I freaking did it!

Image credits: StarksTwins

#114 My Wife Lost Her Mom Shortly Before Christmas Last Year And It Had Been Really Hard On Her. This Is The Note We Found From Our Daughter To Santa

Image credits: TerpleNurple

#115 Free Mask Station In My Old Neighborhood

Image credits: Awkward_Sir_4164

#116 In A Bulgarian Food Store, Sign Says “Take For Free If You Need It”

Image credits: tacticious

#117 Morning Sickness Is Rough But This Guy Is Definitely Helping. He’ll Sleep With Her Like This For Hours

Image credits: UndrehandDrummond

#118 My Daughter Showed Me That She’s Been Writing Every Number When She Gets Bored. So I Dug Up My Very Old Notebook

Image credits: Bornahallac

#119 I Taught Her English, She Taught Me Thai. Her Parents Owned The Ice Cream Shop We Are In, And They Would Pay Me $3 An Hour And Gave Me All The Ice Cream I Could Eat

Image credits: clayboysteel202

#120 My Wife And Daughter Got Matching Dresses To Celebrate Their Heritage

Image credits: DDsLaboratory

#121 My Grandma, Who Is A Medical Worker, Just Stood Outside In The Pouring Rain And Wind In 40-Degree Weather Just To Have Christmas Eve Dinner With Our Family

Image credits: jzstarburzt

#122 A Dad Took Four Months Planning And Building This Tardis For His Kid’s Bedroom Door For Christmas

Image credits: BissoumaTequila

#123 My Daughter Put Her Sandals Inside My Work Shoes So She Could Wear Them And “Be Like Daddy”

Image credits: BrainVirus

#124 Update: Before On Heroin vs. Now, One Year Clean

Image credits: Amb5986

#125 This Was Taped To Our Door As I Was Leaving For Work This Morning. Sure Brightened My Christmas Day Shift

Image credits: pinklunch

#126 After Years Of Broken Teeth I Could Pay To Get Them Fixed After 5 Visits In June. I Can Smile Again

Image credits: Trollamp

#127 My Mama And Papa Became U.S. Citizens Today

Image credits: Yudysseus

#128 9+ Months Of Front Line Nursing Shift Check-Ins. Here’s To A Better 2021 Y’all

Image credits: Godawgs1009

#129 Was Gifted The Gift Of Smile And Mental Health Through Donated Dental Services Of Michigan

Image credits: TokenOpalMooStinks

#130 Happy 15th Birthday To My Best Friend

Image credits: thesnootylamb

#131 When You Meet Your Virtual Student For The First Time Ever

Image credits: Mshouse3333

#132 Google Maps Gives The Wrong Directions, But Someone Made This Sign To Help Hikers Find The Trail Head

Image credits: moonstermonster

#133 Adorable Bird Friend

Image credits: tastefactory

#134 The Woman Who Bought My Cockroach Painting Sent Me This Just Now

Image credits: jefuchs

#135 My Grandparents Adopted A Kitten And They Sent Me This Picture In The Mail

Image credits: mtlsv

#136 Saw This On The Back Of A Truck

Image credits: UmNewbe

#137 Grandpa Has Been A Little Lonely Since The Covid Scare Spread So We Got Him A New Cat Charlie

Image credits: racismman

#138 A Pile Of Screws, Bolts And Other Things My Friend Has Picked Up Off The Road When She Goes Running Saving Countless Popped Tires. This Was What She Found In 2020

She has already started her new pile for 2021.

Image credits: AggieJared14

#139 A Secret Santa Left Gift Filled Christmas Stockings On All Of The Semi Trucks At This Georgia Truck Stop

Image credits: scoobertscooby

#140 Co-Worker Got Yelled At By A Customer, Customer’s Daughter Felt Bad And Came Back To Apologize

Image credits: metalheadgod69

#141 Just A Santa Wannabe Out Delivering Packages For The USPS. Merry Christmas

Image credits: bobby2768

#142 I Lost My Childhood Dog To A Dog Attack Two Months Ago. Today I Received An Early Christmas Gift From My Family

Image credits: LinearFunction

#143 My Grandma Has Some Mild Dementia, But She Always Recognizes My Boy When We Come To Visit

Image credits: DwightStrikesBack

#144 Currently Moving Our Grandma Out Of The Home She’s Been Staying At. Today My Family Cleared Out Her Old Flat. 20 Years Later And She Never Rubbed This Off

Image credits: h-o-i-q-d-i-t-E-w

#145 At Least Not All Of 2020 Sucked. My Wife And I Welcomed Our First Son Archer On New Years Eve

Image credits: will3264

#146 Due To Covid My Dad Has Been Away From Home For Months Now. He Came Today With Christmas Gifts. I Cried A Bit

Image credits: reaa143

#147 My Spouse Is A School Teacher. She Spent This Weekend Making Hand Made Awards For School Administrators

Image credits: harleywestin

#148 In Past Years My Son Has Always Wanted Video Games And Consoles For Christmas But Now That He’s In Trade School For Construction He Wanted Tools Of The Trade

This is my favorite gift that I was able to give to my son.

Image credits: uglyassdude

#149 I Hate To Shop On Christmas, But We’re Going To Get Ice Cream. Everything Is Going To Be Ok

Image credits: hestolemysmile

#150 A McDonald’s Employee Draw A Bear On My Food Bag Because My Name Is Teddy

Image credits: dehray-

#151 My Friends And I Were Gifted Medals For Artistic Excellence In Recognition Of The Virtual World We Created For This Year’s Burning Man In The Multiverse

Image credits: brianswichkow

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