In Viral Tumblr Thread, Mom-To-Be Shares Hilariously Wholesome Things Her Husband Says And Does

Being a parent is always exciting. Besides the joys of helping new life grow and experience all of the wonders of life, there’s also the excitement of seeing someone be a parent.

In particular, seeing a dad become a true dad. Not just a parent, but a dad-dad. One that’s adorably ridiculous and wholesome.

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This one mom on Tumblr gave us a brief glimpse into what her husband, the dad of her child (well, dad-to-be if you wanna be specific, she’s still pregnant), is like and people can’t stop feeling good after reading this.

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Being a parent is exciting, especially if you let the dad embrace the dadness

Image credits: Jonathan Borba (not the actual photo)

Meet Kaity, a Tumblr user and a mom who has shared some random glimpses into her life with her husband as a dad—the kind of dad whose baby is gonna be one lucky kid.

Kaity describes him as a tall, intelligent man, one who has a law degree and is a practicing attorney. But her being pregnant is already transforming him into an all-around wholesome dad.

This Tumblr user started sharing tidbits of hr life with a dad-to-be who you can tell is gonna be a great dad

Image Credits: kaity–did

While it is nice to have the husband do everything while you’re pregnant, having a “giant of a man” who has “no spatial awareness” who, for example, puts away everything into the top shelves while the wife has “tiny T-Rex arms,” is not necessarily fun. According to her description, he does sound like a jolly giant.

She also managed to throw out her back, in response to which the husband began blaming himself and claiming he’s gonna be a bad father. No, sir, you won’t.

Posts vary from stories to direct quotes by Kaity’s husband, which are charming the internet

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Image Credits: kaity–did

Then there’s times when he blurts out things like “You have two skeletons inside you right now; that is double the amount I have. You are my sweet, special Eldritch Horror.”

The dude even committed to a “dad checklist,” which includes things like wearing a tank top, needing a book of puns, and having a baby backpack.

The list goes on and on, which you are more than welcome to read through here.

Even their texts show the adorable dadness that Kaity’s husband embodies

Image Credits: kaity–did

These posts have engaged a lot of people on the internet, with many commenting under these posts

Image Credits: kaity–did

The Tumblr thread began going viral as people were discovering it. Many found the dad wholesome and fun. In fact, internauts even suggested he’d be called a himbo (a handsome man bimbo), to which he responded:

“I am often very dumb, and I do drink the respect women juice like fine wine; however, I am not very strong, and I just don’t know if I can accept this title if I do not meet all the qualifications.”

Image Credits: kaity–did

Kaity continues to post things about her hustband, usually in response form

Image Credits: kaity–did

When reminded about how he lifted all of those boxes, his reply was that he was using his dad energy. How can you not laugh in dad at that?!

The thread managed to get nearly 80,000 notes, which is Tumblr’s like and comment currency. Some liked this dad so much that they told Kaity to marry him again. Or, divorce him so that everyone else could get a turn. And people still go to the blog and interact with Kaity, so why not go drop her a line, talk to himbo.

Image Credits: kaity–did

But before you go-go, tell us your thoughts on this. What are some adorable dad things that your husband did? Let us know in the comment section below!

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