Industrial Design Portfolio Tips from an Industry Veteran

In this video, veteran industrial designer Michael DiTullo offers hard-won and practical portfolio advice for ID’ers seeking to get a job. To illustrate the points, he uses his own portfolio from way back in 2003, which landed him a job at Nike.

You might be wondering: What good will looking at an old portfolio do me, trying to get a job in 2020/2021? The answer is, a lot. Independent of when it was created, “A portfolio should tell a potential employer the story of why they should hire you,” DiTullo says. “In my opinion that also means showing what makes you unique, what differentiates you, and what you would bring to the potential employer beyond the expected.

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“I came across the portfolio I used to get my first Nike job back in 2003. It didn’t follow the usual guidelines of being tidy and curated. Instead I designed the materials to facilitate the story I wanted to tell and fit my conversational style of presenting. We can be so focused on doing things ‘the right way’ that is becomes an exercise in conformity. Creativity is an act of non-conformity. Don’t be afraid to be you. Lean into that.”

Check it out:

Source: core77

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