International Style: Beautiful Furniture Designs Spotted in 2022

Spotted from independent industrial designers, design studios and manufacturers from around the world, here are the most beautiful furniture designs we saw in 2022:

French design studio Noir Vif’s Argo, an anti-WiFi crib with a copper Faraday cage

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Swiss ID studio Egli’s Easy Aluminium system, tables and benches made from anodized bars that come together via a toothed connector

Portugese furniture designer João Teixeira’s Bars Desk, with storage and organization elements integrated into the structure

ID studio Atlason’s Vala Recliner, which you’d never guess is a recliner

Japanese designer Sera Yanagisawa’s 20201219.isu, a quasi-flatpack chair with a potentially iconic shape

Germany-based Konture Studio’s Gravitas line­­, low-maintenance outdoor furniture made from galvanized or powder-coated steel

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Ito Design Switzerland’s Flip Flap, an origami-inspired office chair

Spain-based architecture/design studio Arquimaña’s Ika Chair, a portable folding chair

Swiss industrial designer Tomas Kral’s Hub, beautiful freestanding coat hangers

Italian manufacturer Tubes Radiatori’s radiators, available in electric or hydraulic

Ukrainian furniture designer Pavel Vetrov’s Ollly Desk, with in-surface storage for both analog and digital instruments

Netherlands-based design studio Joris Laarman Lab’s Aluminum Gradient Chair, 3D-printed (laser sintered) and lightweight

We’re looking forward to seeing more countries join the list next year!

Source: core77

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