Joseph Joseph's Compact Folding Ironing Board with Onboard Storage

For those of you that still need to iron stuff: Do you do a bunch of ironing at once, or one or two pieces as needed?

“We researched the ironing category,” writes Youmeus, a UK-based consultancy founded by industrial designer Chris Christou, “and discovered several key insights that informed the design architecture of this product. How we iron today has shifted from a task of batch ironing to a ‘little-and-often’ routine.”

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Youmeus then designed the Pocket Plus Folding Ironing Board, which is produced by Joseph Joseph.

“One key observation that informed this concept was that people often stored their irons and ironing boards in different areas of the home, and therefore time to setup was one of the key barriers that prevented people from ironing. [We created] a more compact ironing board with integrated storage for the iron, and accessories helped to broaden the storage opportunities, allowing the user to store their ironing board alongside their iron for a quick and speedy setup.”

This appears to be sold in Europe, the U.K and Australia, but not the ‘States. #supplychain

Source: core77

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