Killer Switches Featuring the Best in 1960s Human Factors Design Practices

Meljac, Jung and Juheko might sound like a Baltic law firm, but they’re just the names of three companies we’ve covered that manufacture unusual switch designs.

Switches by Meljac

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Switches by Jung

Switches by Juheko

Now we’ve come across a fourth company that makes some serious standouts, featuring the finest in 1960s human factors design practices. Concord Aerospace, a manufacturer of flight training simulators, sells functional replicas of the switch panels from the Apollo spacecraft.

There’s also an option to order custom text fields…

…as well as some with novelty labels:

Prices run from $40 to $90. If you’re wiring up a DIY project where you want to flip switches while wearing bulky spacesuit gloves, and protect the switches from accidentally being activated, these will be hard to beat.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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