Last Chance to Save $25 on ‘Sharpen This’ Video

Two quick notes. You have until midnight on Oct. 31 to purchase our new “Sharpen This (the Video)” for $50. After Oct. 31, the price of the video will be $75.

Also, today we posted the first of 20 additional videos that are included with your purchase. The newest video shows two ways to sharpen scorps. One method uses a piece of fine sandpaper. The second method allows you to grind and polish your scorps safely on the table saw.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

(If you have already purchased the video, you will be notified by email that the new video is available and the email will give you a link to view it. Or you can use the link that came in your initial email after you purchased the video.)

Here is a partial list of the 20 additional videos we are working on for this series:

Marking Knives and Marking Gauges
Spade & Auger Bits
Shop Knives & Pocket Knives
Gunstock Scrapers & Chair Devils
Dividers, Awls & Planing Stops
Narrow and Odd Chisels
The Terrible Flattening Brick
The Edge-on-Up Sharpness Tester

— Christopher Schwarz


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