Lexus Unveils Prescription Windshields and DNA-Based Ignition

After years of hard work, luxury automaker Lexus is finally revealing their smartest initiative yet: Genetic Select, available this Sunday. “Exceeding customers’ expectations is in the Lexus DNA,” says Cooper Ericksen, Lexus VP of Marketing. “Now, we’re taking it to the next level by tapping into our customers’ DNA, too.”

By partnering with personal genetics company 23 and Me, Lexus has produced a clever method of car customization based on your DNA. After they collect the sample, as demonstrated in the video below, all of the options are automatically selected based on your genes: Everything from the seat positions to the radio presets. Vision deficiencies are compensated for with a prescription windshield, and to start the car, all you need to do is provide a saliva sample by licking the steering wheel:

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Okay, I’ve gotta say it: Which one of you dopes fell for the headline? Was it you? Hey don’t close your laptop, I’m talking to you!

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