LG's "Partial Screen" Transparent Display Prototype

Remember those transparent displays developed by LG?

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While they make great sense for signage in public or commercial spaces, LG Display has also teamed up with Seoul-based industrial designer and ID professor Jiyoun Kim to investigate how they might be adapted to domestic use.

Kim identified the key hurdle. “Transparent displays have technological limitations in displaying blacks due to light shining through the back side,” he writes. “Therefore, a solution to selectively close the back side is required for a transparent display to be used as a conventional TV.”

Kim, along with industrial designers Hannah Lee and Jaehyuk Lim, designed this Partial Screen in response. (Note that it’s not just a concept—the team got it to functioning prototype stage.)

“Partial Screen is a 55” transparent LED designed with 25 precisely devised shutter blades individually motorised to control the transparency of the screen by controlling the light shining through.”

It looks pretty compelling on video:


Source: core77

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