METAORDINARIO solo show by Alberto Porro at Varsi, Rome

Galleria Varsi based in Rome, Italy, was founded in 2013 by Massimo Scrocca to explore artistic expressions related to Urban Art, to create solo and collective indoor exhibitions and to promote Public Art in Rome. It has become within a few years a point of reference for artists, street art lovers and collectors of urban art at a national and international level.

We always find in the planning of the exhibitions, the most interesting names of the art scene and the research of the gallery to the latest news in this sector, led us to join the last solo exhibition titled METAORDINARIO by Italian painter, currently based in Canada, Alberto Porro.

Entering the gallery we remain breathless and fascinated by a series of new oil paintings and linoleographs, which highlights artist’s evolution from print to painting.

In the series of paintings Still Life, Porro composes still lives in motionless spaces, where elements of daily use coexist as strangers but in orderly fashion thanks to the careful study of volumes and chiaroscuro, which feeds on the influence of photography. The bright tones of graffiti are smothered in a gray scale and the speed of action gives room to static.

The elements arranged on wood, a material also used as support and texture, share alienation from a defined context, revealing a metaphysical, monotonous and quiet dimension. The rigid boundaries of objects become inconsistent, where known substances welcome fragments of an ideal space, revealing uncertainties.

Paintings by Alberto Porro imagine and create things, starting from reminiscences of objects that attract his attention to distortions of formal and conceptual structures. A garbage bag becomes the symbol of this action; twisted and unfolded, emptied or multiplied, it develops into the evanescent memory of an idea.

Porro starts from the certainties of the physical world to reach the more certain and truthful mystery of emptiness.

If you are around Rome do not miss the chance to discover this extraordinary exhibition, finissage on february the 10th.

Check more images sent by the Gallery and keep checking back with us for more news from Italy’s street art scene.


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