Mom Wants To Know If She’s Overreacting After Finding Out From A Hairstylist That She Can’t Stay With Her 7 Y.O. Daughter While Her Hair Is Being Done

Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves by getting their hair or nails done?  A lot of us enjoy going to the salon and leaving ourselves to the hands of an experienced professional. It’s no secret that a lot of those places have certain rules that we have to follow. But there are times when some of these requests might even sound weird, especially if the specialist isn’t working in professional surroundings, and provide their services in a space such as their own home. Having this in mind, TikTok user @chinaanntrice addressed her followers by asking them for their opinion after she found a hairstylist on Instagram who did great work at braiding other people’s hair. The woman was interested in her services as she wanted her to take care of her 7-year-old daughter’s hair. However, when they came to the appointment, the woman was surprised by the specialist’s request. The woman’s story became viral on TikTok, gaining more than 400k views. 

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Knowing someone who is a great professional and can make you feel comfortable around them might be a rare find

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China Anntrice is a YouTuber who likes to share beauty and lifestyle-related content on various social media platforms. Recently the woman made a TikTok video where she shared that she found a hairstylist that she really liked and wanted to book an appointment at her place to get her 7-year-old daughter’s hair done. China talked about the whole booking process, in which she was told each time that the specialist had a “no guests allowed” rule, which the client understood, saying that it wouldn’t be normal to bring your partner or family members to the appointment.

TikTok user decided to reveal the situation she found herself in after trying to book her 7-year-old daughter for an appointment

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The woman shared that she wasn’t allowed to go to the appointment with her daughter, and now questioned whether it was safe to do so

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However, the “no guests allowed” rule became weirder because each time they contacted about the details, the woman kept bringing this thing up. But China knew that she wouldn’t be bringing any people and didn’t consider herself a “guest” because she was just the girl’s mother. The woman shared that they came early, so she texted the hairdresser asking if they could come in early or if should they wait, but she didn’t get any response. After a while, the woman said that the mom could walk her daughter up to the house, implying that she would have to leave her daughter alone with her.

In her texts, the hairdresser kept stressing that she doesn’t allow “extra guests”

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This request weirded out the TikTok user, so she then asked others online if that’s something that should be considered normal and perhaps she’s just overreacting. A lot of users agreed with the woman and were serious about not leaving their kids alone with a stranger at a place they don’t know. But there were a few comments that explained why the hairstylist didn’t want the mom there, knowing from their experience that kids act better when they don’t see their parents. However, they were stating that parents usually don’t have to leave their kids, just to not be in their sight.

The TikToker didn’t think much at first because she didn’t consider herself a guest, but just a parent who wants to be next to her kid

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Having in mind how much attention this video gained, a lot of people online were curious to know whether the woman left the braider’s house or complied with her request and left her daughter alone. The TikTok user later uploaded a follow-up video where she explained what happened later. She revealed that she let her daughter go in and was able to communicate with her because the little girl had her tablet with her. The woman revealed that in the end, everything came out great and the woman was happy with the result.

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The woman later realized that the “no extra guests” rule also applied to her

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The hairdresser asked the woman to walk her daughter up and then wait for her outside

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Probably it’s safe to say that it’s not easy to have little ones as clients. Beauty and style platform StyleSeat share a few tips and tricks that help the appointment to go as smoothly as possible. It’s said that it’s best to keep the kids busy by allowing them to watch cartoons or give something to play with. It’s also smart to provide them with some kind of snack or a drink, in case they get hungry and that would make them fussy. What is also considered extremely important is to talk with parents before the appointment, finding out their wishes and expectations, as well as seeing the kid’s hair to see what could or could not be done. What’s interesting to notice is that in many cases, hairdressers ask parents whose kids are younger than 5 years old to stay during the appointment.

The author of the post later gave an update saying that she let her daughter go to the appointment

Image credits: @chinaanntrice

You can watch the full video down below!

@chinaanntriceHow do y’all feel about this policy?♬ original sound – Fine China ❤🔥

A lot of people online were concerned by this request and stated that they wouldn’t leave their kid in this case

Some users took time to explain why the hairstylist didn’t want the mom to be there

Image credits: @chinaanntrice

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