“Mug Life”: 72 Unusual Mugs That Impressed The Internet (New Pics)

Mugs, mugs, MUGS! We can’t get enough mugs. No, seriously, send help, we have way too many. But no matter how many we think we have, there’s always a spot for one more, right? However, with so many beautiful and interesting designs out there, it can be quite a challenge to figure out what to buy. But if you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to the world of mugs, think again.

The aptly-named ‘Mug Life’ online community celebrates unique and unusual mugs, from the thoroughly beautiful to the fun, quirky, and unbelievably cute (:3). We’re featuring some of their very best posts, Pandas, so scroll down to check them out. Don’t forget to upvote your fave ones!

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Which of the pics did you love the most, dear Pandas? Were there any designs that made you immediately want to tidy up your cupboard to make it more inviting for any new visitors? What does your favorite mug look like? We’d love to hear from you, so make yourself a cuppa and swing by the comment section.

You’ll find Bored Panda’s previous article about the r/muglife subreddit right over here. Check it out if you want a second coffee break (let’s not beat around the bush, you probably do!).

#1 My [cat] Mug

Image credits: RikkyRoth

#2 Mushroom Mugs Anyone?

Image credits: fahqandrew

#3 Any Other Bird-Lovers Around?

Image credits: Nilienil

Imagine how weird and boring life would be if mugs and cups didn’t exist in our timeline. We’d probably end up drinking coffee from giant bowls or making tea in thimbles. Though that sounds like a world we’d love to see, we’re also very glad that we can enjoy a hot drink in peace.

It’s surprising how much a cup of tea or coffee can help you relax when you’re stressed. It warms you up. It distracts you. It gives you an excuse to get up from your computer (or whatever else might be stressing you) and just look out the window for a few minutes. It’s a mini dose of meditation, in a mug.

#4 I Was Told You Would Appreciate These Lizard Mugs I Thrifted Today!

Image credits: TheMadeline

#5 My Pride And Joy The Display Is An Antique Postmasters Sorting Cabinet From The Early 1900s

Image credits: Preposterouspickles

#6 Mug I Bought For My Brothers Birthday

Image credits: SemseddinSami

We’re firm believers that all items ought to be used instead of just being displayed. “Honey, get the fancy [insert dinnerware or piece of cutlery of choice]” is a mindset that leads you to put off pleasant experiences while waiting for some ‘perfect’ alignment of circumstances.

#7 Saw This Creative One Online

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: OneSpicyPeach

#8 There Is Always That One Guest

Image credits: chicano32

#9 Gorgeous Miniature Duck-Pond-World In Just A Teacup

Image credits: Far_Load8237

Instead of waiting for chances like that, we feel it’s best to use all of your fancy mugs/glasses/plates whenever the mood strikes you. Feeling fancy on a mundane Monday morning or a sleepy Wednesday evening is a surefire way to boost your mood. 

#10 Went To The San Diego Zoo For My Birthday And My Wife Got Me This Awesome Mug

Image credits: Gullible-Shop5039

#11 Alice In Wonderland

Image credits: SemRecursos

#12 This Snoopy Mug From 1958

Image credits: insertnamehere02

However, at the same time, we can’t really fault anyone for having a large display cabinet full of their favorite china. Like it or not, many of us are already mug collectors, whether we feel like that or not.

Think about how many you’ve got in your cupboard, at home. Personally, I count at least 15. And there’s probably a few that I’ve completely forgotten about! Like many of you Pandas, we’ve got our favorites that we use for pretty much everything

#13 Taza De Noche Estrellada By Emmy

Image credits: Packagesvg22

#14 Beetlejuice

Image credits: thatwhichshallnotbe

#15 The Wife And I Got Each Other The Same “Gag Gift” For Our Anniversary This Year

Image credits: Jammin_neB13

It’s a disaster when your best mug shatters. Or if, God forbid, someone steals it at school or work.

I remember I was in despair when my fave cup broke in the 4th grade. I was inconsolable. Was my mug unique? Far from it. Was it mine and mine alone? You bet!

#16 Am I A Little Too Afraid To Use Them? Yes. Do I Love Them? Also Yes

Image credits: justawitch

#17 DIY Sharpie Mug By Me

Image credits: Coffee_0202

#18 My First Pottery Creation! Lopsided And A Little Ugly, But I Made It

Image credits: Junior-County4120

The ‘Mug Life’ online community has been a part of Reddit for nearly a decade. Having been founded all the way back in late January of 2013, the subreddit is going to celebrate its 10th birthday very soon.

That’s quite an achievement for any internet group. At the time of writing, the sub boasted over 356k members. A third of a million internet users is nothing to sneeze at!

#19 Far Out!

Image credits: ExaminationFirm6379

#20 Ceramics Mug

Image credits: yummy_8386

#21 It Was Suggested I Post This, A Past Christmas Gift From My Sister, Here

Image credits: general_irma_jewelry

As it turns out, people really like mugs. Or rather, they love the cool and quirky designs, the aesthetics, and the out-of-the-box thinking some artists have.

Any large internet community survives and thrives thanks to its rules, as well as how good its moderating team is. If the rules are too vague or too loosely enforced, you’ll get chaos. On the flip side, if the mod team is quick to react to any potential issues and all the members are on the same page, what you get is an active, healthy group with a single-minded focus. In this case, mugs.

#22 Mismatched China_ I Often Come Across Random Pieces Of Old China In Estate Sales Or Thrift Shops. My Favorites Are The English Or French Bone China

Image credits: GoldKey1546

#23 A Cute Piggy Mug

Image credits: inkywriggler

#24 Got My Dad This Mug For His Birthday Today

Image credits: Son_goku_4200

The main rules that members ought to follow include being respectful and civil (like on most of the internet), staying on-topic (mugs and mug-related content only), and avoiding advertising anything. That’s pretty much it. It’s simple. It’s clear. It’s easy to follow.

#25 I Got A Rock

Image credits: CaptainWisconsin

#26 My Favorite Mug I Use Every Fall. If You Zoom In .. It Looks Like Someone Painted Funny Teeth On His Smile

Image credits: Mimzy2000

#27 Isn’t She The Cutest? Happy Birthday To Me!

Image credits: ObsessedWithPaisley

We like to think that we chose some of the best mugs to feature from r/muglife. Which of these did you love the most, dear Pandas? Were there any that you’d want to bring home with you in a heartbeat? Maybe you even spotted your own cup in this list. Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments. It’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

#28 Handmade Pottery Mug With Woodland Animals, Large With Natural Brown And Light Celedon Green

Image credits: PawnStreetBlues

#29 Made This In Pottery Class In College

Image credits: juliegardener

#30 Thanks Muglife!! A Few Weeks Back Someone Posted This Beauty At A Cafe And Then Someone Else Knew The Company That Sold It. I Loved It So Much I Had To Get It And I’m Not Disappointed

Image credits: TumbleweedEven4285

#31 Just Here To Show You My Favorite Mug

Image credits: Tube-Psycho

#32 Trashy Cup For Trashy Coffee

Image credits: chicano32

#33 Dragonfly Camping Mug

Image credits: Nussaywatercolor

#34 Sing It With Me Scooby Dooby Do Where Are You

Image credits: flamed181

#35 Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

Image credits: LilmamaP

#36 Hand Made Clay Goblin Mug

Image credits: tavman56

#37 Julia Smith Ceramics Village

Image credits: Sure_Analysis400

#38 Christmas Mug!!!

Image credits: ExaminationFirm6379

#39 Otagiri With Whales

Image credits: JerkRussell

#40 What U Guys Think Bout This Mug

Image credits: tertitree

#41 My Wife Just Picked Up This Custom Mug Just In Time For Halloween!

Image credits: Lettuce_Farmer

#42 My Favorite Mug! Bought In Covid-Lockdown To Cheer Me Up (And At The Time It Was Very Appropriate As Well)

Image credits: Fantastic_Scratch

#43 My Mushroom Mug From Childhood

Image credits: BonanzaBean

#44 Wonder If You Guys Would Like My Halloween Mugs

Image credits: StudioBlomonge

#45 Monster/Lizard? Either Way It’s One Of My Favorites!

Image credits: terra_incognita_82

#46 Toes!!

Image credits: batmansmother

#47 It’s The Passive Aggression For Me!

Image credits: venusdewarhol

#48 Found This Mug In Prague That Resembles This Picture Of Me

Image credits: Knodelmupp

#49 Ghibli Collection!

Image credits: Tomylick

#50 My Vintage Mug Set. Made By Otagiri Japan, Collected From Thrift Stores Over Several Years

Image credits: butterflygirl1980

#51 Um, You?

Image credits: Nimrochan

#52 I Was Given These Adorable Doggo And Kitty Mugs, Last Christmas!

Image credits: OcelotKitty

#53 Had To Share My 25 Cent Thrifted Baby

Image credits: athleticmommy

#54 I Love This Mug So Much. Starbucks 2017 Anniversary Mug

Image credits: theillestwill

#55 Eee!! Look At This Super Cute Coffee Mug I Just Made!

Image credits: missholly9

#56 I’m New Here! I Looove Mugs. I Just Made This Coffee Mug Keychain (Crochet)!

Image credits: OcelotKitty

#57 Finally Got My Hands On This Halloween Edition Mug!

Image credits: mac_n_cheeseeee

#58 This Inconvenient But Original Mug

Image credits: somorin

#59 I Came Across A Friend Who Can Help Me Dispel Fatigue

Image credits: sharetoolnet

#60 Gingerbread Mug

Image credits: Son_goku_4200

#61 My Favourite Mug! Purchased It Last Year When I Was On Holiday But It’s A Little Scraped

Image credits: razaanaboucham

#62 Vintage Mush Mug

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 Companion Mug To My 1960’s Glasbake Mug

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 Colorful 3D Coffee Mug

Image credits: Kimsohuyn1904

#65 Testing Our New Sublimation Mug Heat Press!

Image credits: mintyylemonade

#66 Antique Shop Find… I’m In Love! Cute And Convenient!

Image credits: leapwolf

#67 Packing For A Move Means Finally Getting Collection Pics!

Image credits: halxkm

#68 Best Buds

Image credits: Itsnottuna

#69 Spotted At The Thrift Store Today

Image credits: that1chikk

#70 Just Picked Up This Danse Macabre Mug From A Local Ceramics Shop. Memento Mori

Image credits: StaffofFisher

#71 Now Your Mine

Image credits: flamed181

#72 It’s My Favourite Mug’s 4th Birthday Today. Happy Birthday Mug

Image credits: _Lumity_

#73 This Is Halloween, Piping Hot Caffeinated Beverage Delivery Vessel For This Morning

Image credits: Beerlvr71

#74 I Like The Topper

Image credits: flamed181

#75 In A Quirky Local Cafe

Image credits: DidierCrumb

#76 Just A Couple Mugs My Boyfriends Great Aunt Has

Image credits: Dingomom2

#77 This Is My Meeko Mug, I’ve Had It For As Long As I Can Remember

Image credits: Hobbes_Loves_Tuna

#78 Tempting, Oh So Tempted

Image credits: animavivere

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