Nail-Clipping Aid for Non-Compliant Cats: The Mofumofu Mask

Is there anything worse than trying to clip the nails of a pet that hates the procedure? I’ve not found a good solution for my dogs, but feline product company Cross Clover reckons they’ve cracked it for cats. Their Mofumofu Mask, when placed on a cat, causes that cat to “suppress excitement and become quiet,” they claim.

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Lined on the inside with gauze for comfort, the masks are made from organic cotton, in case your cat refuses to wear conventionally-harvested cotton. And Cross Clover being a Japanese company, there is an extensive fitment guide, so you can determine which of the four available sizes is right for your Frisky.

These run ¥2,365 (USD $18.50). If there was any evidence these worked for dogs, I’d be putting in an order.

Source: core77

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