‘Oddly Terrifying’: 55 Of The Most Unsettling Images To Give You The Creeps (New Pics)

You’ve probably already heard of the internet’s beloved corner of Reddit known as “Oddly Terrifying,” which is home to a whopping 2.5M members. The community is dedicated to sending chills down people’s spines by sharing images that are hard to look at, yet tempting to watch, in a strange way.

“It’s hard for us to look away from unsettling photos and videos because they challenge our usual ways of perceiving and cataloging the world, disrupting our sense of ordered reality and even suggesting that reality might be something other than we thought it was,” Lisa Yaszek, a Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies at Georgia Tech, previously explained the phenomenon to Bored Panda.

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This time we wrapped up the newest batch of oddly terrifying images, so pull your seat closer! After you’re done, more of the same goodness awaits in our previous features here and here.

#1 Dall-E Generated Image Titled “Last Selfie On Earth”

Image credits: Busy-Lifeguard-9558

#2 Statue Was Invaded By Bee’s And This Happend

Image credits: domiinikk4

#3 Alien Bedside Lamp

Image credits: R00aarr

#4 A Humbling Message Outside A Cemetery In The Middle Of The Woods

Image credits: Homunculus_316

#5 My Backyard During A Fog

Image credits: Brilliant-Maximum637

#6 Looks Like The Tree Absorbed Someone

Image credits: jessica_from_within

#7 Tinkerbells Message “Dream” Casting A Contradicting Shadow

Image credits: Antscannabis

#8 A Close Up Look At A Longhorn Beetle’s Face

Image credits: ExtremeCumMaster

#9 Something Got Out

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Image credits: RawToast1989

#10 The Ronald Mcdonald Statue In Front Of The Mcdonald’s In My Town

Image credits: lefthanddisc

#11 Our Hr Team Just Received A Stapelia Flower As A Thank You From A Candidate. There’s A Note Warning Not To Touch It Because It Will Sting And Not To Smell It Because It Smells Like Rotten Flesh

Image credits: Yachisaorick

#12 Cross Section Of An Asbestos Laden Cigarette Filter. Kent’s Micronite Filter Cigarettes Were Marketed As “Good For The Lungs”

Image credits: Enarion3D

#13 This Creepy Sign Somewhere In The Philippines

Image credits: Minsan

#14 The Lower Dungeon Of Warwick Castle. An ‘Oubliette’, Where Prisoners Were Dropped And Forgotten About

Image credits: iltifaat_yousuf

#15 Lovecraftian Clouds

Image credits: bulu88

#16 This Rock Kinda Looks Like The Megalodon

Image credits: matissgaming

#17 Housesitting My Parents Home And This Is Growing Out Of Their Compost Bin…what The F**k Is It

Image credits: jimmydimmy72

#18 What Has He Done

Image credits: maynotbeverygood

#19 Body Riddled With Parasites As A Result Of Eating Raw Pork For 10 Years

Image credits: UnicornNippleFarts

#20 This Strange Device Was Used To Prevent Masturbation In British Mental Hospitals Patients During Xix Century

Image credits: WorriedAmoeba2

#21 Terrifying Water Bottles

Image credits: RandomPersonAKAAT

#22 Dangerous Blanket

Image credits: Kindly_Use3914

#23 A Coworker Heard I Baked And Requested A Cherry Pie For A Friends Birthday. I Made Her This

Image credits: Kapornacis

#24 Pulled Up The Carpets In Newly Purchased House To Find This

Image credits: AdamPowers22

#25 I See Your Empty Chair In A Storm Drain And Raise You This Clown I Saw While Geocaching After A 10 Minute Trek Underground

Image credits: SoDakZak

#26 Brazil Man Known As “Diabão” (Big Devil), Famous For Doing Numerous Surgeries To Look Like The Devil, Celebrates The End Of Mask Mandate By Completely Removing His Ears

Image credits: Vhad42

#27 The Remains Of The Astronaut Vladimir Komarov, A Man Who Fell From Space, 1967

Image credits: Win_is_my_name

#28 What’re The Chances My Neighbors House Has A Dead Body?

Image credits: Feefee986

#29 This 800 Year Old Tree In Japan

Image credits: rosseepoo

#30 People Eating The Traditional French Meal Of Ortolan Bunting. The White Cloth Over Their Head Is To Hide Their Sin Of Eating The This Particular Meal From God

Image credits: randomguyfromafrica

#31 Wind Turbine After Being Hit By A Tornado In Texas

Image credits: If**kingloveLoba

#32 Inside The Vatican

Image credits: Cheeseburger4Brekky

#33 House While Hiking In The Appalachian Trails. There Were No Paths Or Roads Going To This House

Image credits: Mobile-Historian-33

#34 This Very Suspicious Suitcase A Guy Put Under The Seat Before Promptly Exiting

Image credits: TuxedoFloorca

#35 Last Night I Hear A Tapping And Snaps. Looked At The Window And..this Is On The Outside. Not The Inside.(I Am In A Two Story House, Second Floor. Under The Window Is A Roof Above The Front Door)

Image credits: TalonsAndToast

#36 Just Found Out About Arboreal Salamanders And Their Teeth, Wouldn’t Expect It From What’s Basically A Gummy Lizard…

Image credits: TankmanSpiral7567

#37 Tarantula Infected With Cordycipitaceae

Image credits: killHACKS

#38 Abandoned Summer Camp Closed Due To A Child Drowning In The Lake. Sound Familiar ?

Image credits: darkexploration_

#39 I Am Currently Working Construction At A New Amazon Fulfillment Center (650,000 Sq Ft). This Is The Fourth Of Fifth Floor. That Is Fog In The Background

Image credits: 911shotJFK

#40 The Muscles On A Hairless Chimp

Image credits: aconnor105

#41 The Warning On Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites Designed To Be Read Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years Into The Future

Image credits: Idiotic_Polo

#42 Hoover Dam Spillway Tunnel, 50 Feet Wide & 600 Feet Deep. You Can Hear Rushing Water Down In The Darkness. The Walkway Above Gives A Sense Of Scale

Image credits: MonsterJuiced

#43 Found In A House In Eastern Oregon (High Desert Area). Described As “Oozing” When Touched

Image credits: ecanem63

#44 This Is George. He Lives In My Bathroom And Eats Bugs

Image credits: ricardovalomas

#45 People Offering Prayers At The Yamuna River, India, Which Is Frothing From Industrial Waste

Image credits: CraneoDeVanGogh

#46 I Live On Part Of An Old Rice And Cotton Plantation. I Know A Slave Cemetery Is Somewhere In The Area But No Records Survive Showing Precise Location. We Got A Ton Of Rain A Few Days Ago. This Was Uncovered By The Water After A Few Feet Of Erosion

Image credits: rossionq1

#47 Newly Purchased Home: Clearly A Grave In My Backyard…right?

Image credits: klokwerkz

#48 Daughter Made This For Me In School. I Love It But

Image credits: akafrosty

#49 This 9000-Year-Old Stone Mask Is The Oldest Mask In The World, And Was Found In The Judean Desert In Israel

Image credits: Seshroom

#50 Glued Herself To The Street With Fast-Drying Concrete

Image credits: BigfootDynamite

#51 Room In My Girlfriends Basement That She Has Never Been In

Image credits: Splattabox

#52 I Was Walking Through A Farm Near My House When I Suddenly Tripped And Fell And I Saw This Right Infront Of Me, What Kind Of Spider Is That ?!

Image credits: Significant-Ad-1655

#53 The Infamous Message In Lipstick Left On Frances Brown’s Flat Wall, By The Lipstick Killer In 1945

Image credits: goblinerrs

#54 This Is Robert Earl Hughes, Born 7/4/1926. During His Lifetime He Was The Heaviest Human Being Recorded Weighing 1,071lb (486kg) He Remains The Heaviest Human In The World Able To Walk Without The Need Of Assistance

Image credits: Ordinary_Forever6482

#55 My Friend Found An Apple Air Tag On Her Car. Genuinely Scary

Image credits: Gailforce-Fart

Source: boredpanda.com

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