Optimize Your Workplace with iF Design Awards' Best Industrial Solutions of 2021

Over the past year, workplace infrastructure has become more important than ever, and it’s demanded significant adjustments. Thankfully, engineers around the world are using technology to make work safer, easier, and more intuitive. These improvements can involve approaches as high-tech as artificial intelligence, or as simple as compact, optimized design. If you’re hoping to streamline your company’s industrial processes, look no further than this list of the most innovative solutions on the market by the experts at the iF Design Awards.

This list covers a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and education. It features tools that optimize complicated processes, assist with heavy physical labor, and strengthen workplace safety with cutting-edge technology. From HR management software to flight simulators, this eclectic list includes something useful for every workplace. Click through to discover the best industrial advancements of today.

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AX System – Work Safety in Logistics

The AX System is an innovative AI-based, preventive traffic-light style system that monitors dangerous crossroads and sections in warehouses and industrial facilities. With the power of artificial intelligence, the AX System predicts dangerous situations or potential accidents and emits a distinct warning. The signaling system enables a more seamless operation of forklifts, speeding up workflow while reducing risk to human life.

NCSOFT Human Resource Management UX

The NC HR System aims to promote the development of human resources and increase work productivity. In other words, the system always acts as a manager at hand. NCSOFT adopts a very unique and playful approach to corporate culture. Managers help employees manage their own data, attendance, and pay. Various manuals are recommended at the right time according to individual context. Furthermore, the UI optimized for the HR system supports the efficient work of related departments. As a result, the NC HR system saves time by reducing unnecessary communication and helps individuals perform the desired task.

Fotokite Sigma

Fotokite Sigma is an actively tethered unmanned aerial system providing Public Safety teams with mission-critical situational awareness from previously unavailable elevated perspectives. Unlimited continuous flight time along with launching, flying, and landing with the single push of a button helps to save team resources. The Fotokite Live App provides real-time thermal and high-def video streams, giving First Responders immediate actionable information on and offsite throughout their mission without the need of a drone pilot license. Fotokite Systems have saved human lives numerous times throughout search and rescue and live fire missions.

Dräger PARAT® 1200/1260

Work environments with hazardous substances require the use of special escape devices in case life-threatening gas concentrations suddenly occur. The PARAT® 1200 filtering escape device provides the user with complete breathing protection along the escape route. Its extremely compact size does away with the need to carry a bulky and heavy device. In addition, the device gives the user a full ten minutes of safe breathing, which is critical for completing an escape. The design offers excellent ergonomics at an affordable price point that positions it well on the market.

Best UX with LHStation and LHMobile

The LHStation and LHMobile make working with metal cutting machine tools easy, intuitive, and safe. It is optimized for programming at a large screen and for controlling the machine with a mobile, tethered unit. This solution, which addresses workflow, ergonomics, and safety standards, is the first of its kind in the industry. By applying UX process not only to the interface but also to the industrial design, Liebherr-Verzahntechnik and Schindler Creations were able to create a consistent user experience for LHStation and LHMobile. From a user’s perspective, the interface appears to be one system, combining the best of two worlds, the physical and digital.

HiQ Maschine

The ultrasonic welder HiQ G2 Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik makes the welder’s workplace even more intelligent and attractive, giving the operator ultimate control. A digital twin enables the user to adapt all components and functions to their own requirements, making operating errors virtually impossible. Advanced technology offers intuitive configuration, training, and operation of the machine. The form factor is clear and simple. The components are arranged for optimal ergonomics. Together, these elements communicate the high quality, precision, reliability, and technology leadership of the H. U. brand.

Future Systems Simulator

The FSS, developed by Rolls-Royce, the Cranfield University and DCA Design, is a highly reconfigurable modular flight simulator in which pilots can explore the potential impact on future flight decks from near-term changes, such as smarter, more autonomous engines and revolutionary technologies, such as electric, fuel cells, and hybrid propulsion. Independent of any airframe or manufacturer, the FSS builds reassuringly on familiar aircraft controls. Pilots interact with information presented on up to four large reconfigurable touch screens and two smaller side screens. By repositioning or removing seats, screens, side sticks, and thrust levers, it can represent anything from small single-seat aircraft to the largest jumbo jets.

Construction Site Cleaning Robot Junkman BDR 01

Before interior decorating can be carried out on a concrete building, the construction site needs to be cleared of large amounts of cement dust and construction waste. Junkman BDR 01 combines unmanned driving technology with the functions of traditional sweeping vehicles to scan and build maps on-site and create cleaning routes. The robot independently identifies and avoids obstacles or pedestrians on the path. Bright Dream Robotics has equipped the robot’s worksite with a charging station, which autonomously charges the battery. The robot is compact with high passability and can clean up construction waste such as stones with a diameter of less than 50mm.


LIQUIDTOOL analyzes the characteristics of lubricating fluids in industrial machinery and optimizes their use, allowing production to proceed continuously, safely, and consistently during machine operation. The device’s main component collects, analyzes, and returns the fluid to the machine, adjusting its parameters and supplying a token that communicates data via RFID connection to the smartphone. Both the main device and token are equipped with magnets for easy mounting and removal on the machine without impacting its structure. Liquid Tool Systems AG has equipped the device with LED lights that already communicate the machine status from a distance through various light signals.


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The Eclipse Ei, by Nikon, is an educational microscope developed to assist teachers by making machine operation more intuitive for beginners. It eliminates issues associated with the moving, setup, and storage of microscopes. The design features user-friendly graphic indicators, an online guide, a lightweight body that is easy to hold and carry, and a design that provides clean, organized storage for accessories. These innovations simplify teaching, learning, and handling machinery, supports teachers in their instruction, and increases productivity for students by giving them more essential time for learning sciences and medicine.

C-Beyond HMI

Coperion’s C-Beyond HMI assists operators of compounding systems and extruders in their daily work. The innovative operating concept keeps operators focused on the essentials. The distance view makes system monitoring possible from a wide range of distances without losing sight of any important details. A user can switch on and operate different layers of information on-demand, enabling the machine to perform complex tasks directly at the HMI. The modular layout facilitates navigation of the entire system, from the large overall unit to the smaller individual components.

Energy Storage System For Railway with SCiB(TM)

The Energy Storage System (ESS) with SCiB(TM) (Toshiba’s rechargeable battery) charges and discharges regenerative power to provide safe and stable power supply to trains, especially during emergency power failures. A simple monitoring system is essential to ensure continuous operation of the ESS. This graphic user interface (GUI) with strong visual design offers just that by offering a clear, intuitive display of ESS operation. System status such as output power, battery status, fault information, and measured data are displayed in real-time and can be quickly grasped by the users.


H2Rex by Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions is a pure hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration system that generates electricity and heat with hydrogen produced from renewable energy. Unlike fossil fuel power plants, H2Rex is quiet and does not emit CO2, making it safe to install where people live and work, such as near houses, buildings, and factories. H2Rex changes people’s conventional image of infrastructure, thanks to its simple, unobtrusive design that blends in with the surroundings. H2Rex not only expands the utilization of hydrogen energy but also symbolizes next-generation infrastructure for a sustainable society.


The FlipGo folding slide miter saw is a robust, compact, and easy-to-carry woodworking machine. Rexon’s innovative, retractable saw design optimizes storage space, reduces its carbon footprint, requires less packaging, and is easier to ship. While conventional miter saws require two hands, this foldable FlipGo can be carried with just one hand. It is easy to fold in two steps and takes up a lot less space in a truck or workshop. The slide function and wide range of miter cutting angles up to 60° meet the needs of most job site projects.

Hilti PMD 200

Hilti PMD 200 is a laser-based tool used to transfer locations from an architect’s drawings to reality on the construction site. Unlike traditional tools, the PMD 200 removes many manual measuring tasks required to mark the location of internal walls. This not only speeds up the process and removes scope for error, but makes complicated geometry (like curved walls) more accurate and economical. Tasks are guided step-by-step via a tablet interface designed to feel intuitive for any smartphone user. Ultimately, PMD 200 turns an error-prone, two-person job into a faster, one-person task and makes ambitious designs realizable.


The Mirion AccuRad Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) is designed for Emergency Responders to support them in enforcing public safety and civilian defense against radiological threats. The device was developed for use with ultimate discretion that avoids alarming any non-ER observers present at an incident. The AccuRad is the first PRD with two displays incorporating an easy-to-read top-screen, which keeps the atmosphere calm by allowing users to glance at the device without having to remove it from their belt or pocket. Its unique “on-the-move” localization algorithm enables intuitive source search with a built-in radar screen display that indicates the direction of radioactive material.

Metalquimia Signature

This integrated line for meat processing consists of three machines: the Spray Meat Injector, the Meat Massager, and the Continuous Meat Stuffer. The design language of the components is driven by their functionality and strict industry standards. The machines are made from 100% stainless steel, as dictated by food safety standards. To ensure greater hygiene and cleanliness, the designers substituted traditional handles with simple grooves, eliminating the angled planes of older versions to reduce contamination risk. The clean, unobtrusive geometry of the Metalquimia Signature embodies the best technology in the industry.


Axia is a versatile, precision milling system designed to reliably and quickly accomplish simple and complex machining tasks on volumes of a wide range of materials. This machine’s aesthetic form factor and quality materials allow it to blend in well with any industrial context. Grupo Nicolás Correa and Nacar Design developed an industrial precision milling machine whose design aesthetics and value adapt to and enhance any situation or environment.

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