“Paid A Teen Babysitter What I Thought She Was Worth And She Lost Her Mind”

While babysitting is one of the most popular jobs for teens, looking after kids is no joke. It comes with a host of challenges and takes a lot of work, care, and responsibility to live up to the expectations. Just think about it, sitters need to follow the rules, deal with the pressure from parents, keep the little rascals entertained, and quickly think of solutions when emergencies arise, usually all at the same time!

Unfortunately, quite a few people immediately assume that caring for kids is an easy task. But one father who goes by the handle OuterInnerMonologue knows how demanding this job can be. Recently, he shared a wholesome and heartwarming story on the ‘Anti Work’ online community after leaving his and his friends’ kids with a sitter.

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“There were, in all, 5 children,” the user wrote. “That’s a hell of a job for anyone, let alone a teen.” But when it came to discussing her pay with the other couples, the man was shocked to hear they believed her efforts were worth so little. Being a huge proponent of fair pay, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Read on for how the story unfolded, as well as an outpouring of reactions it received, then be sure to weigh in on the situation in the comments!

Recently, a father who believes in fair wages completely surprised a teen babysitter by paying her more than expected

Image credits: Lina Kivaka (not the actual photo)

Even though it was her first time babysitting alone, he believed her work is worth more than his friends suggested, so he took matters into his own hands

Image credits: OuterInnerMonologue

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Image credits: Sharon McCutcheon (not the actual photo)

Later on, the user clarified some details and added more information about the situation

Image credits: OuterInnerMonologue

People applauded the father’s efforts and chimed in with their own stories, here’s what they had to say

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