People Are Sharing Photos Of Themselves Weighing The Same But Looking Completely Different, And It’s Inspirational (80 Pics)

A pound isn’t equal to every other pound and a kilogram isn’t the same as every other kilogram. Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Not quite. People that are the same weight might not be the same size. Composition matters. There’s a huge difference between your body if it’s made up of lots of fat and few muscles and one that’s well-toned, fit, and has less fat.

It’s the story behind the numbers that’s important, not just the numbers themselves. Bored Panda has collected some of the most inspirational and motivational transformations where people post photos of themselves where they weigh the exact same amount, but their bodies look very different.

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Now if you’ll excuse us, while you’re busy scrolling down and upvoting your fave pics, we’ll be doing squats and lunges because we’re all fired up and need to redistribute our extra quarantine weight, stat! You’ll find our earlier posts about how it’s your lifestyle, not just how much you weigh that matters right here and over here.

#1 Same Weight, Different Bodies. 125 Lbs In All Of These Pics. So It’s Not Always About The Scale

Image credits: fitransforms

#2 These Pics Are 7 Years Apart And I Weigh The Exact Same (140 Lbs) In Both. Isn’t That Crazy? My Body Looks Completely Different But The Scale Reads Them As The Same

Just remember that the scale weighs your fat, muscle, water, blood, organs, everything! My body fat is WAY less on the right and has much more muscle, but the scale doesn’t care.

Image credits: bodyimagefitness

#3 I Only Lost 2 Lbs. 2 Lbs Total. How Much Weight Of Fat Did I Lose And How Much Weight Of Muscle Did I Gain? I Can Only Guess

Relying on the scale is a dangerous game, likely to leave you hurt. Instead, find other ways to celebrate you and the transformations you go through!⁣

Image credits: wilhel42

The idea that not all pounds/kilograms are equal follows the same logic as nutrition: not all calories are made equal. After all, the nutrition you gain from eating lean meat, freshly caught fish, and an assortment of colorful veggies will be vastly different than if you munch on M&Ms while chugging soda and cups of syrupy coffee for breakfast. (Not judging anyone, by the way, a lot of us have been there.)

And with the Covid-19 lockdowns still tying us up mostly at home, taking care of our physical and mental health really should be a priority. Easier said than done? Of course! But when it comes to our fitness, every challenge is an opportunity to lead a better, more energetic life and to get more in touch with what our bodies need and want.

#4 Same Weight, Different Body Composition

Image credits: movenourishheal

#5 There Is Only A 3 Lbs Difference Between These 2 Pics. I’ve Pretty Much Always Stayed Around 140 Lbs But Have Dropped 7 Pant Sizes Because I Changed My Body Composition

I did it by losing fat and gaining muscle.

Image credits: madlymish

#6 Would You Believe Me If I Told You I Was About The Same Weight In Both Pics? Body Composition Is Everything

Image credits: mel_lorraine93

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How much you weigh isn’t the only thing that’s important when it comes to your health, as these photos have probably already convinced you. The context—the lifestyle that you lead, your body composition, how much you move, and what you eat—is vital if you want to make accurate assumptions about whether or not a person is as healthy as they can be or if they need some help in that area of their life.

There’s no shame in admitting that we’re not as active as we could be or that we might need a helping hand to lose some pounds if we’re currently overweight. (Even if it’s our lifestyle that’s important, there is a limit to how much big you can get without being considered overweight or obese. Even if you aren’t obese, if you’re a 150kg strongman or strongwoman, your joints won’t thank you.) The CDC is very clear on this point: obesity worsens the outcomes from Covid-19.

#7 Proof You Can Weigh The Same And Look Completely Different. 200 Lbs 4 Years Ago And 200 Lbs Today

Image credits: powermill1982

#8 145 Lbs In Both Pictures

Image credits: kelseywells

#9 The Same Person, The Same Weight, But The Two Bodies Are Different. Age 34 To Age 36, Both At 63 Kg

Image credits: nikkigundy

The CDC explains that obesity increases the risk of severe illness from Covid-19, triples the risk of hospitalization due to a novel coronavirus infection, and impairs the function of the immune system.

What’s more, obesity decreases lung capacity and makes ventilation more difficult. The CDC also points out that as one’s BMI increases, their risk of death from Covid also rises. Studies have also indicated that obesity may be linked to lower vaccine responses for diseases like influenza, tetanus, and Hepatitis B.

#10 2 Year Difference And The Same Weight In Both. That’s Right I’ve Gained Weight. But Baby That Smile And Confidence I Got Now Is Something I Dreamed Of Two Years Ago

Image credits: brandytherunner_

#11 Why More People Should Focus On The Weight They Lift, More Than The Weight They Lose. Left – 2014, 53 Kg, Right – 2021, 54 Kg

Image credits: estherflowerbae

#12 I Took The Picture On The Right Today And Compared It To A Picture When I Was The Same Weight. Left And Right Are At 185 Lbs

I’ve been stuck lately. Stuck between 180 – 185 lbs. My lowest has been 175 lbs. I have toned and gained so much strength since the picture on the left. Just when I thought I wasn’t making progress I’m actually killin it!

Image credits: ashleysjourneyinher30s

So what can we do to live in a healthy way that lets us enjoy life to the fullest? Well, as former US Paralympian Josh Sundquist, who lost his leg when he was a child, previously told Bored Panda in an interview, the best workout routine that you can do is one that you can do every single day. Consistency is what you should aim for.

#13 I’m At The Same Weight I Was Last December

Image credits: fitnessexpress

#14 140 Lbs To 140 Lbs. On The Left I Was Binge Eating, Drinking Way Too Much And Had The Worst Mindset When It Came To Food And My Body

Image credits: alanadedla

#15 A Year Difference In The Same Sports Bra, Same Underwear, Same Weight

Changed some of my eating habits. Hitting the gym 2-3 times a week. I have weighed myself almost everyday for the past YEAR & my weight NEVER fluctuated. Stop looking at the number on the scale & look for the differences in the way your body looks & feels. You’d be amazed. I never realized how much my body has changed until the picture on the left came up on my Timehop the other day. No matter how many times you fall off the wagon, get back on & keep pushing!

Image credits: kayrandall

“Personally, my favorite thing is going on long walks. So that’s what works for me. But for someone else, it might be swimming or competitive sports or tai chi. Whatever gets you moving,” Sundquist told us.

Going on long walks sounds lovely, doesn’t it? While we might think about how much the pace at which we walk is the most important thing, it’s not the only factor that we should focus on. Where we go for walks is just as essential.

#16 In Case You Didn’t Know… The Scale Is A Liar! There Is Exactly A One Pound Difference Between These Two Pictures. One Pound

This, my friends, is precisely why you shouldn’t measure your progress by the scale. Go by pictures and the way your clothes fit.

Image credits: heather__shipley

#17 16 Months Apart, Difference Of 5 Pounds On The Scale, 7 % Decrease In Body Fat. I Lost 5 Pounds Of Fat And Exchanged 11 More Pounds Of Fat For Muscle

Image credits: jackie_cramer_ocr

#18 For Some Reason My Scale Showed I Gained 5 Lbs Overnight, Instead Of Freaking Out I Took Progress Photos To Show Myself My Progress Has Not Been Lost

Image credits: courtneyveronica

In a recent article, The Wall Street Journal highlighted the importance of breathing in fresh air out in nature, out in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Being in nature has a therapeutic effect that many have known about for a long time (what the Japanese call ‘forest bathing’), but it’s only recently that more and more scientists are delving into the field.

#19 This Is Your Friendly Reminder That The Number On The Scale Is Not Important. Picture On The Left: 73.9kg, On The Right: 73.4kg

Image credits: _michaela_fit

#20 Feb 1st 2019 – Apr 12th 2019. Happy With The Changes I’m Seeing Weighing Exactly The Same 22 Stone

Image credits: bobhulk24

#21 The Difference Between These 2 Pictures Is 5 Lbs. No, I Didn’t Lose 5 Lbs I Actually Gained Them

Image credits: leeannpalmerward

Research has indicated that spending time in forests reduces inflammation, helps fight chronic diseases, and ramps up our bodies’ production of anti-cancer proteins. “People are deciding whether or not this type of coffee bean or that type is better for you, when there is such an obvious health tool at your disposal. You literally just walk outside. People don’t know,” Jared Hanley, co-founder and CEO of NatureQuant, told the WSJ.

#22 Five Years At Least Between These Two Photos And I’m Probably About The Same Weight In Each

Image credits: stegoulddd

#23 2 Years And Only 5 Lbs Difference But The Body On The Right Has Been Totally Transformed From The Inside Out

My whole life I have battled with the scale, I have had 100% reliance on it as a reflection of my self-worth but I’m slowly moving beyond that unhealthy relationship! Left Aug 2014 – 128 lbs vs. right Saturday – 123 lbs.

Image credits: hollymatt__

#24 Same Weight, Different Fit. You Can’t Increase Your Natural Pelvis Size, But You Can Compensate For The Shortcomings With Exercise To Create The Body You Want

Image credits: be_myoooo

One 2019 study that looked at 20k participants found that spending at least two hours in nature each week leads to better overall health and well-being. The positive effects peak in the 200 to 300 minute per week range. However, being in nature for less than two hours doesn’t appear to have many positive effects.

#25 In All These Pics I Am The Same Weight (116 Lbs)! Only Difference In The Pics On The Right I Was Eating Clean And Lifting Heavy Weights

Also, I was nursing my son at the time. should explain some of the obvious differences

Image credits:

#26 Decided To Take The Leap To Prove A Point – The Scale Lies. 2014 – 97 Lbs vs. 2016 – 97 Lbs

Never thought I’d ever share the first picture with anyone! I barely recognize myself! In the first picture, I had been training for a marathon. In fact, it was taken in Santorini just after finishing the Athens Marathon with my hubby (amazing race, btw). Because this was basically our second honeymoon, I’d agreed to let my husband pick out a bathing suit for me, naturally, it was the tiniest one he could find. I was less than comfortable in letting anyone see it – even him! You can imagine what that lack of self-confidence was doing to our marriage. While I was proud that I had gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I still wasn’t excited to wear a bathing suit (skinny-fat girl to the T) and I had been fighting hard to look good for this trip! Lol! Clearly, I was doing it all wrong.

Image credits: strength.from.within

#27 130 Lbs In Both. The Number Isn’t What Always Matters

We put so much emphasis on being a certain weight, a certain pants size, a certain BMI… But ultimately it how you FEEL in your own skin!

Image credits: jackiesjoy

So, dear Pandas, here’s what you should be taking away from this article. Get moving, eat well, consistently do the exercises that you enjoy immensely, and try to spend as much time in nature (tree-lined streets don’t count) as you can. The exact numbers on the scale don’t matter as much as how you honestly feel being inside your own body every day. Love yourselves as you are, but strive to be better every day.

#28 I’ve Been Keeping Track Of My Progress Since I’m Officially In Wedding Countdown Mode. Compared These Two Photos Took One Month Apart. 0 Lbs Lost

Don’t get discouraged over the number on the scale. Take that progress photo and clap for yourself for working towards your health.

Image credits: awalktofit

#29 Same Weight, Not Same Body. 74 Kg In Both

Image credits: ahkhun

#30 Same Weight But 2 Years Apart

I’ve been discouraged lately because my weight loss has been much slower than I expected but after making this observation, I’ve realized that I’ve just been too focused with the numbers on the scale.

Image credits: tamatree

What do you do to stay fit during the quarantine, dear Readers? Do you think that your physical health has improved during the endless lockdowns or the opposite? What’s your definition of a healthy and fit person? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.

#31 Progress Photo 5 Months Apart… Same Weight – 140 Lbs

Image credits: bossmomhotwife

#32 Same Weight In Both Pics. This Is Why We Don’t Get Emosh Over Scale Weight. Glutes & Waist Though

Image credits: dpfit4life

#33 She Weighs About The Same In Both Pictures! This Is A Prime Example Of Why The Scale Cannot Be The Only Way You Measure Progress

Image credits: thesbfcommunity__

#34 Guess What? I Am The Same Weight In Both Of These Photos

Left: Age 23, newlywed, eating terrible food choices.
Right: Age 32, mother of a 3-year-old, fueling my body with the best nutrition around.

Image credits: kimenase

#35 Watch What’s Next

Image credits: canadianrose0315

#36 Last Week I Stepped On The Scale For The First Time In Over 6 Months. I Hadn’t Lost Any “Weight” The Entire Year

Image credits: dayna.m.monette

#37 Surprisingly, My Weight Is About The Same In Both Photos. So Eff The Scale And Remember There’s So Much More To You Than A Number

The look on my face says it all. The journey between these two photos is just as much MENTAL as it is PHYSICAL.

Image credits: madelyn_taylor

#38 That Number On The Scale Is Only A Number. I’m The Same Weight In Both Of These Photos

If I were to let the scale determine my progress I’d just give up already

Image credits: msheard13

#39 Don’t Think You’ve Changed Much Because Not Much Weight Is Coming Off? Pull Up An Old Pic And Compare It To The Same Shirt Today

Image credits: t_m_horror

#40 Proof That The Number On The Scale Does Not Always Reflect Progress. There Is A 2.5-Year Difference Here, But The Number On The Scale Is The Same – 130 Lbs

I’ve finally learned what foods make my body feel better and how to workout smarter not harder. So if the scale isn’t moving, don’t get discouraged!

Image credits: dashpoint0

#41 2 Years Ago Vs. Now

Image credits: justjenn685

#42 I’m The Same Weight In Both Before And After Pictures

I’m so much fitter now, and it’s so nice to go out and run to clear your mind. I actually gained 6 lbs from running but it’s all sorted it’s self out now, I guess it was from body shape change, muscle ect.

Image credits: teenie_wants_to_get_tiny

#43 Fun Fact: I’m The Same Weight In Both Pictures. What’s Different? I’m Healthier, Happier And Stronger

Image credits: isabelrangulo

#44 I’m 140 Lbs In Both Pics Again. I Went From 140 Lbs And A Size 9/10 To 140 Lbs And A Size 2/4. Something Like That Can Happen By Changing Your Body Composition

Image credits: madlymish

#45 There Is Exactly A Month Between These Two Photos And Absolutely Zero Change In The Scale. Yes, You Read That Right. I Am The Same Weight In Both

The scale may show no change, but my body says otherwise.

Image credits: mrsdukesfitspo

#46 Same Girl, Same Bikini, Different Mindset. 0 Lbs Weight Difference! Working Towards A Healthier Body And More Importantly A Healthier Mind

Image credits: laurapatt_fit

#47 Pre-Powerlifting vs. Post-Powerlifting. Same Weight (And I Brushed My Hair)

Image credits:

#48 The Scale Can Only Show You So Much, And This Client Weighs Virtually The Same In Both Photos

Image credits: hellostrength1

#49 Just A Reminder That The Scale Isn’t Always The Best Measure Of Progress. I’m Actually 1 Lb Heavier In The Second Picture. Around 18 Months Apart

Image credits: old_elliempt_coaching

#50 Side Note: Same Weight In Both These Pics

Image credits: josiesdisappearingact

#51 Same Weight (145 Lbs), Different Body! 3 Years Of Hard Work. Many Different Diets And Workouts

Image credits: crazygrlx

#52 January 2020 To August 2020. Same Weight. Scales Are Infuriating

Image credits: becheartsfood

#53 138 Lbs vs. 138 Lbs. I Don’t Remember If I Ever Did The Same Weight Transformation Before, So Here You Go

Image credits: fit.with.iulia

#54 Would You Believe Me If I Said I Weighed The Exact Same In Both Of These Pictures?

Listen, the scale only measures your relationship with gravity. Here’s what it doesn’t measure: lean muscle mass, body fat, your energy level, your stress, how well you sleep, how you feel about yourself.

Image credits: charity_schoening

#55 135 Lbs To 135 Lbs. I Always Wanted To Change My Body Comp Enough That I Could Compare The Same Weight To A Stronger, Fitter Body And Mind

We don’t always have to try and make ourselves smaller.

Image credits: hollypetersfitness

#56 27 Years And 36 Years, Age Is Just A Number, Weight Is Not That Thing But Body Composition And Feeling Inside

Image credits: tanja_korhonen

#57 Same Weight. The Scale Number Is Just A Number. And You? You’re A Wonderfully Made Person That The Scale Will Never Be Able To Recognize All That Makes You Up

Image credits: awalktofit

#58 I Had No Idea How Much Different I Look! Same Weight, More Muscle, Less Fat. Thank Goodness For Pictures, Amirite?

Image credits: feelfitwithlaurel

#59 One Year Difference Isn’t Bad. Same Weight In Both Photos

Image credits: lessmesswith_jess

#60 Want To Hear Something Crazy? In Both Of These Pictures I Am The Same Weight. Yes, You Heard That Right… Same Weight

But let me tell you something. The girl on the right is happier, more confident, and stronger. She may not have her emotions in check, but when it comes to emotional eating, this girl has that taken care of!

Image credits: mrs.ashleydrew

#61 I Weigh The Same In Both Photos. It’s A Number, Not All Bodies Are Created Equally

Image credits: lifeandmyls

#62 2 Week Progress Alert! 8 Inches Gone, Same Weight

Image credits: lizchicosmith

#63 I Weigh The Same On The Left, At My Largest, As I Do On The Right, Now

Weight is a number. It doesn’t determine fitness. BMI is a ratio of height to weight, it does not measure fitness either. In both, I’m toeing the BMI line between overweight and obese. I’m pretty positive on the right, I’m nowhere near obese.

Image credits: ohhheyitsbritt

#64 Muscle Growth Progress. Same Weight Different Body Composition

F/22/5’1”/ (95 lbs > 95 lbs). I focused on learning how to resistance train properly to fatigue my muscles while slowly increasing my calories weekly as my body was changing. Hard gainers, it’s possible!

Image credits: Coach_veronika

#65 Same Weight Transformation

Image credits: lizlizlemon

#66 Wanna Know Something Funny? I Weigh The Same Amount In Both Of These Pictures – 140 Lbs

The left was 2 years ago the first time I tried to stick to the gym and tried and failed countless times since. the right picture was taken yesterday.

Image credits: catherinereigle

#67 I Roughly Weight The Same In Both Images. 2019 vs. 2020… Screw The Scale!

Image credits: swarley_beast

#68 Get Real Results With Me. It’s Possible But It Takes Time And Hard Work

Image credits: gettopshelffit

#69 Fast Forward 2 Years And I’m At 186 Lbs With A Completely Different Look. That’s 2 Years Of Building

I had an original goal weight of 185 lbs, I thought I’d got there, I’d have the body and abs that I wanted. The picture on the left is just a few months after I started this journey and the first time I hit 185 lbs – not the body I thought I’d have at the time once I got there.

That’s two years of hitting macros, two years of training hard, two years of hitting protocols, two years of balance and letting myself enjoy the occasional free meal without stressing about it too much.

Image credits: rob_m716

#70 From 81 Kg In 2018 To 81 Kg In 2020. When You Don’t See The Scale Change Or You Compare Yourself To A Few Years Ago , Take Into Account Your Body Composition

Image credits: _inspirachional

#71 It’s Not A Huge Change But It Was Simply Taking Out The Donuts And Other Garbage And Replacing It With Healthy Meals In Order To Fuel The Body Like It’s Supposed To

Image credits: crossfit_bodybuilder

#72 154 Lbs In Both Pics. So Many Women Think That The Scale Is What Best Determines Their Progress, But This Is Completely Incorrect

In fact, using the scale may only hinder your results because it can cause you to give up in frustration.

Image credits: amyhowefit

#73 According To The Scale I Weigh The Same Exact Thing In Both Photos

Image credits: lifeandmyls

#74 Same Weight, Different Body Composition

Image credits: joanaguyonnet

#75 Day 1, 2020 On The Left. Day 1, 2021 On The Right. On The Left, I Weight 182 Lbs The One On The Right I Weight 183.9 Lbs

I weight 1.9 lbs more now and I am in 10x better shape. Strength, and shape.

Image credits: yourfitnessnj

#76 8 Weeks Progress, Same Weight

Image credits: ketobandito_

#77 Two Years Apart, Same Weight

Image credits: ally_trout

#78 The Scale Isn’t Doesn’t Define Your Worth And It Sure Doesn’t Always Reflect The Changes Going On Inside

Image credits: rosalynwookey

#79 This Is Sarah Three Months After Starting Crossfit And She’s The Same Weight In Both Pictures

Image credits: crossfitboonesferry

#80 186 Lbs Fat vs. 186 Lbs Muscle

Image credits: maha_sfit


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