People Are Sharing Their Catastrophic Home Improvement Fails, Here Are 123 Of The Funniest

If you ever feel bad about your awful home improvement skills, just remember that you’re not the only one who sucks at it! Everyone has their moments. Even carpenters get brain farts.

In an attempt to restore your confidence — or to simply put a smile on your face — Bored Panda put together a list of funny renovation fails. Whether these folks skipped the planning stage, didn’t have the correct tools, or bit off more than they could chew, let’s make their misery our entertainment.

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After all, isn’t that what the internet is for?

#1 Landlords, Please Don’t Paint Over Cockroaches

Image credits: hackergirl888

#2 A Driveway Crew Was Pouring Concrete At A New House Next To A Duck Pond. They Went To Lunch And Came Back To This

Image credits: mikerockitjones

#3 My Wife Said Measure The Door, I Told Her All Doors Are The Same Size

Image credits: BlahMehUgh

#4 Fixing A Toilet Leak. I Took 2 Trips To Home Depot, Worked With A Hernia, Had A Hard Time Putting The Wax Ring And Screws On

Only to install the toilet and forget about the door. I’m an idiot

Image credits: Dreyyy

#5 My Dad Isn’t So Great At Remodeling, So I Turned His Work Into A Work Of Art

Image credits: radioana

#6 We Just Moved Into A Brand New House, Painters Came By To Touch Up Some Walls Upstairs. This Poor Guy Fell Down The Whole Staircase With A Full 5 Gallon Bucket Of Paint

He screamed the whole way down, I thought he was going to be hurt but thankfully he wasn’t. Paint splattered all the way across the living room onto my brand new furniture.

Image credits: JesusCatttt

#7 My Father Forgot To Tell Me The Renovations Would Be Taking The Stairs Out Today

Image credits: murderously-funny

#8 What Could Go Wrong If My Neighbor Uses The Longest Possible Drill Out There?

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Image credits: p4r4v4n

#9 DIY Fail

Image credits: jetaimezombies

#10 I’ve Heard Of “Painting Yourself Into A Corner” But My Wife Took It A Step Further. I Don’t Even Know

Image credits: power-cube

#11 My Mom’s Garage Is Being Renovated. I Think It’s Pretty Obvious That They Have 3 Dogs

Image credits: Superlemonada

#12 A Lovely Paint Job

Image credits: Scaulbylausis

#13 My Landlord: Is It Ok If The Replacement Tile Is Not An Exact Match? Me: Yeah That’s Fine. The Tile:

Image credits: Camcroxx

#14 I’m Doing Renovations And My Roomba Found A Tiny Piece Of Sheetrock

Image credits: AStrangerSaysHi

#15 What Happens When You’re Renovating And Remove A Load-Bearing Wall

Image credits: pf3

#16 A Friend Is Renovating His House. He Also Has A Cat

Image credits: Benutzerkonto

#17 A Couple Years Ago, My Neighbor Decided To Paint His House Bright Orange… Then Gave Up Halfway Through

Image credits: ten_tons_of_light

#18 Just One Spot Left To Paint Now

Image credits: kirvesperse

#19 Could Be Worse

Image credits: brainlegss

#20 Neat Fan Installation

Image credits: juanxmass

#21 GF And I Have Covid. Heater Went Out, Technician Can’t Come Out Due To Quarantine. Decided To Try And Fix It Myself. Tripped Over A Pipe And Fell Through The Ceiling

Image credits: Kidw0nder

#22 This Is Why You Don’t Hire Contractors Who Secure Cabinets To Dry Wall Only. Thousands In Damage Last Night

Image credits: tommybres

#23 How These Pipes Were Installed

Image credits: Palifaith

#24 I Picked The Ladder Up Forgetting The Paint Was On Top

Image credits: tiger_qween

#25 Lockdown Renovations Look So Easy On Instagram

Image credits: YouHaveGotRedOnYou

#26 Saw This On Facebook With Someone Asking For A Contractor

Image credits: King_Baboon

#27 We Just Finished The Construction Of Our Yurt. The Fireplace Was Not Correctly Installed

Image credits: Kondaz

#28 The Construction Workers Painted Over A Lizard On Our Awning

Image credits: MyCatEatsLizards

#29 I Mean, You Could’ve Rotated The Toilet, But Whatever

Image credits: doppelknoten

#30 “That’s Not Going To Hold Without A Stud,” My SO Said. “Don’t Worry,” I Replied. “I’ve Got Half Inch Toggle Bolts”

Image credits: northfoggybrook

#31 You Had Just One Job, Just One

Image credits: CharlesIsaac

#32 We Got Our Doors Painted During A Remodel And The Painters Forgot To Put The Plastic Covering On The Ground

Image credits: JosephKirwan

#33 New Neighbors Painted Their Fence Yesterday, Now Our Car Looks Like This. All Over

Image credits: AnthonyDawnwalker

#34 My Mom Had Her Guest Bathroom Remodeled While She Was Out Of Town

She wanted the shower head up high so tall people didn’t have to crouch or lean way back. Came home to find this, which shoots the water straight across to the opposite wall

Image credits: harpyann

#35 Got Funky While Building My First Staircase

Image credits: autoCADdicted

#36 Contractor Got Angry And Left The Job When We Asked Him To Use The Spacers We Bought For The Backsplash

Image credits: susanbmoney

#37 Just Had Mosaic Tile Floor Installed

Image credits: Tokiface

#38 I May Have Used Too Much Spray Foam Insulation To Fill A Hole On The Other Side Of This Wall

Image credits: JephphE

#39 Brother-In-Law Repairing His Awning

Image credits: nLotus

#40 You Only Had One Job

Image credits: PanicProne

#41 My Lovely Wife Bought A New Screen And A Cat Door To Go In It. Took A Few Hours And She Was So So Proud Of Herself

Image credits: Jebedia80

#42 Having My Bathroom Remodeled And They Installed My Shower At Less Than Knee Height

Image credits: MrHuk

#43 True Story: So I Tried To Open The Door To See How The Installation Was Going. Tried

Image credits: ilikeover9000turtles

#44 Askew Angles

Image credits: sugardoggy

#45 Someone Installed A Projector With 40+ Cm (15+ Inches) Screws Up To My Apartment. And As It Wasn’t Bad Enough, I Have To Pay For The Floor

Image credits: ShaftPower

#46 There Are No Words

Image credits: InSaInIsInSaN

#47 “June, We Don’t Need No Handyman, These Are Easy To Put In”

Image credits: TedBuckley

#48 Was Painting The Edges Of The Floor And Dipped The Brush In A Fresh Cup Of Coffee

Image credits: P0L4RP4ND4

#49 We Just Built A Big 18×36 Foot Pergola Over Our Back Patio For Extra “Shade”

Image credits: buckeyespud

#50 Fiancé Was Being Thoughtful And Taking The Paint Cans To The Basement. Turns Out He Tried To Carry Too Much At Once (Also We Just Bought This House)

Image credits: Marleyyy_S

#51 Installed The Hob Boss

Image credits: Cozmoz365

#52 Maybe Consult Professionals Before Major DIY. Just Maybe

Image credits: DarkEntrsDesign

#53 You Can’t Win If You Don’t Try, Huh?

Image credits: xirandii

#54 These Stairs Must Be For Pets And Children Only

Image credits: CapnRedbeard647

#55 I Installed My Own Microwave Today And Saved $150 In Install Fees

Image credits: zingusdingus

#56 Dropped A 1/2 Gallon Of Paint Down The Stairs

Image credits: YoungSaucyTheDripGod

#57 How Do You Guys Like My New Shower?

Image credits: Thatsnotano

#58 Renovation From Upstairs

Image credits: Crackonacid

#59 Dropped My Phone In Industrial Paint Today

Image credits: vFluxi

#60 Was Finishing The Last Part Of My DIY Basement/Bathroom Project I Started At End Of 2020. Door Didn’t Want To Cooperate

Image credits: ClaymoreJohnson

#61 The Family I Work For Just Renovated Their Home And This Was The Can Light Configuration They Ended Up With That I Get To Be Annoyed By Every Day

Image credits: airyfairyfarts

#62 Left My Husband Alone For 5 Minutes While Painting

Image credits: Demolicious1995

#63 Was Going To Paint Today And Found This Surprise

Image credits: christmasskids

#64 I Recently Had My Kitchen Renovated. Don’t Know What To Think

Image credits: denham599

#65 Just Finished Painting My Kid’s Playroom Yesterday

Image credits: Dankaay

#66 My Shower Was Leaking So I Tried To See If I Could Fix It. I Broke It Instead

Image credits: drkardia

#67 Guess Who Ran Out Of Paint

Image credits: saco_98

#68 DIY Plumbing, Apparently Anyone Can Do It

Image credits: aeromedic

#69 I Fell Through My Ceiling In My Recently Purchased Home While Trying To Install Some New Lighting

Image credits: beemer2011

#70 In My Student Dormitory The Kitchen Was Renovated And They Forgot The Faucet On The Sink

Image credits: G4METIME

#71 Noticed Some Bubbling In The Paint. Called A Painter, His Eyes Got Wide. Turns Out The Builder Forgot To Caulk A Vent On The Roof And Rain Has Been Getting In For 9 Years

Mold and rot in 3-story wall.

Image credits: Quality_Spirited

#72 Putting Down A New Floor And Almost Had Enough, Almost

Image credits: shaka893P

#73 You’ll Be Bathing In Your New Tub By Sunday. The Contractor Said Last Wednesday

Image credits: Pinto0601

#74 So Apparently Homes Are Now Being Sold With Built-In Stairmasters 4300’s

Image credits: traaytherealtor

#75 The Contractor Painted Over A Leaf In Our Master Bedroom

Image credits: rachinator87

#76 I’m A Genius. Was Amazed How Quickly I Repaired My Entry Door From The Garage

Image credits: AgentA113

#77 I Told My Brother-In-Law To Pull From Different Boxes When Installing The Flooring

Image credits: J00G0LD

#78 Note To Self: Read The Weather Forecast Before Casting Concrete Steps (It’s -4 Today)

Image credits: Caxtoncottage

#79 Wanted To Save Money By Repairing The Microwave Myself. It Slipped My Hands While Unmounting, And Broke The Glass Top

Image credits: biryanilove22

#80 Whoever Renovated Our Home Last, You Are The Worst

Image credits: HuntrElite

#81 An Attempt Was Made

Image credits: Paint_SuperNova

#82 When You Use Every Drop Of Foam Sealant To Fix A Leak

Image credits: djbryanc

#83 Drilled Into A Sprinkler Pipe And Soaked Every Apartment From Mine 4th Floor Down

Image credits: Trevor09n

#84 Bigger Closet Means Bigger Doors

Image credits: smcgillivray

#85 You Had One Job

Image credits: MoldyMadness

#86 Our DIY House Renovations Are Going Not Great

Image credits: the_izzys_fam

#87 When I Just Wanted A Luxurious Shower Head And This Is What I Got

Image credits: settlingintosunrise

#88 My Dad’s Fail At Installing A Door Stop, He’s Now Permanently Left It This Way

Image credits: britishteaandhp

#89 Bathroom Renovation, The Man That Put The Tiles In The Shower Managed To Put The Same 4 Tiles Next To Each Other

Image credits: AwkardDoorknob

#90 I Spilled The Detergent. 2 Hours Later, She Spilled The Paint. It’s Going To Be A Quiet Night I Think

Image credits: WhyIHateTheInternet

#91 I’m Moving Into A New House And One Of The Workers We Hired Dropped A Dresser Down The Stairs And It Went Through The Wall

Image credits: Chaotic748online

#92 Umm, Okay

Image credits: youandmeandrainbows

#93 When Your Husband Say “Only Test Patch In A Small Area”. Note To Self: Husband Is Sometimes Right

Image credits: _frenchlifeandcoffee

#94 I Told My Neighbor His Mortar Needed Fixing. Found This The Next Week

Image credits: gothram

#95 It Wasn’t Supposed To Rain Today. Guess I’ll Be Painting It Again

Image credits: nezbe5

#96 This Is Why You Plan A Kitchen Renovation

Image credits: canuck_tech

#97 Just Putting The Last Touches On A Kitchen Renovation. New Dishwasher And Fridge Are Great

Image credits: DarwinLizard

#98 Someone Fell Through Our Bedroom Ceiling While He Was Renovating The Apartment Above Us

Image credits: Psycho-naughty

#99 Good Thing I Hired Professionals For A Big Kitchen Renovation

Image credits: whitecloud197

#100 Painters’ Tape That Rips And Takes Paint Off. Lovely

Image credits: HudRatStfWFrnds

#101 Painted My Sister’s Room. Stepped Over The Paint Bucket And Spilled A Whole Gallon Of The Void On The Carpet

Image credits: MajorSleepingIssues

#102 New Home Construction In Philadelphia

Image credits: EastPhilly

#103 If You Put Enough Holes In A Wall You Will Find A Stud

Image credits: StuckInADream

#104 You Had One Job

Image credits: RCTred

#105 Contractor Let His Laborer Install The Hardware (The Whole Kitchen Looks Like This)

Image credits: robot_exterminator

#106 DIY Bathroom Renovations Created This Monster

Image credits: ThatFingLoudGuy

#107 Finally Got In The Groove Painting My Basement When My Earbud Decided To Pop Out And Take A Sticky Swim

Image credits: raiderxx

#108 Gotta Love The Renovated Kitchen

Image credits: bloxrocks789

#109 Someone Had To Come Home To This

Image credits: DGamerL

#110 I Never Bothered To Check If The Original Light Was Properly Centered, And I Put The New One Up Right Over The Original Hole

My wife wanted a rustic DIY light fixture to replace the old 90’s one over our pantry door

Image credits: joeltheconner

#111 The Entire Wall Was Painted Except For One Spot

Image credits: funni_dood

#112 Slav Engineering?

Image credits: grimet0ke

#113 Can’t Promise This Won’t Happen Again

Image credits: carriesmith1991

#114 But It Looks Beautiful

Image credits: LRG_Services

#115 The Way These Walls Come Together In This Brand New Construction I’m Working In

Image credits: Hokerash

#116 They Ran Out Of Paint

Image credits: royf29

#117 I Was About 90% Done Painting, When The Wallpaper The Previous Owner Painted Over Started Peeling. Now I’ve Got To Scrape It All Off And Start Over

Image credits: hellooy

#118 Why You Never Pay Family To Remodel Your Kitchen

Image credits: elli8ness

#119 I’d Call This Art

Image credits: MattMa3zak

#120 We Rented A House And Didn’t Notice At First That Whoever Rented It Before Used Two Different Glosses Of Paint

Image credits: One_pop_each

#121 Landlords Decided To Renovate The Bathroom

Image credits: MasterCtrl

#122 Epic Renovation Fail

Image credits: __Zuki__

#123 Installed A New Light Fixture. Was Pleased With How Easy It Was And That It Worked On The 1st Try. Got Too Excited Too Fast

Image credits: holtpj


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