People Share Their Gender Pay Gap Stories After Woman Reveals How Her Male Colleague Helped Her Get The Same Pay (25 Stories)

For as long as there have been jobs with men at the top, there has also been gender bias. Although things have improved (a bit), women in the UK and US are still getting paid around 15% less than their male counterparts. Either intentionally or by the command of some patriarchal, universal conspiracy — you see, almost half (46% to be precise) of men in the US believe that the pay gap in gender is as real as Looney Tunes — women workers are not getting their fair share of the pie. But how could they know if there’s a social stigma attached to the age-old, uncomfortable question: how much do you earn?

Luckily, some men know better than to keep their hands tied. As the title story shows, after being shown just how much she’s being underpaid for the same responsibilities as her male counterpart, the same colleague who spilled the beans helped to set things right. And while there are many similar stories like this one, the reality is — the gender pay gap stems from the culture within, not individual companies.

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After an accidental run-in with her male counterpart at work, a woman learned just how terribly the gender pay gap affects her salary

Encouraged by this story, women started sharing their own discriminatory experiences and tips on how to fight it 


















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