Plus-Size Influencers Dress Up As Disney Princesses To Challenge Common Beauty Standards

Disney princesses have been an inspiration to many children for their beauty and charm. But according to critics, the iconic characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, or Ariel have not been representing every woman out there.

The lack of plus-size bodies and skin colors was precisely what inspired social media influencer Natasha Polis and her friends to launch the #PlusSizePrincessProject. “We take up more space than most, yet our larger bodies are clearly lacking representation in media. So here’s our response this Halloween: 21 influencers dressing up in our own style as beloved female Disney characters,” Natasha wrote to her 77.4k followers on Instagram and shared the photos of the plus-size princesses.

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Both inclusive and diverse, the pictures prove that queens and princesses come in all styles, backgrounds, shapes, forms, colors, and sizes and that whoever had a dream to become one as a child has no reason to think they shouldn’t.

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#1 Anna And Elsa

Image credits: huntermcgrady

#2 Moana

Image credits: curvesbyzo

#3 Mulan

Image credits: magicandmarie

To find out more about the Plus-Size Princess Project, Bored Panda reached out to one of the participants, Michaela McGrady, who’s a plus-size model, social media influencer, and body neutrality advocate from LA.

Michaela dressed up as her favorite character Princess Anna, while her sister Hunter transformed into Princess Elsa. “Anna and Elsa represent a strong sisterly bond that she and I share. We would really do anything for each other, so to be able to bring that to life was so exciting for us!”

Michaela also said that being able to put the plus-size spin on the transformations was very important to women. “I know that seeing someone who had a body type like me when I was a young girl would have been life-changing.”

#4 Alice

Image credits: ashleerosehartley

#5 Jasmine

Image credits: flashesofstyle

#6 Esmeralda

Image credits: smilesandpearlss

Michaela believes that there’s an inherent bias within the beauty and fashion industries, which are “saturated with antiquated ideals. The truth is 68% of shoppers are considered plus-size. Designers and fashion houses have to start at the beginning by diversifying the people they hire and the bodies they seek to dress.”

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In reality, the one-size-fits-all concept is ancient history, according to the plus-size model. “At this point, it’s either get on board with the rest of the world or get left in the dust,” she added.

But no journey towards body positivity and accepting yourself is easy. “It truly is a journey with many ups and downs, good days and bad days, and it’s all about getting to a place where the incredible significance of physical attractiveness is dialed down and how you feel about yourself isn’t affected by your appearance.”

#7 Snow White

Image credits: monicakim.jpg

#8 Belle

Image credits: tashapolis

#9 Sleeping Beauty

Image credits: heathertraska

Michaela said that it’s important to remember that “You are worthy no matter what your body happens to look like at any given moment.”

She also gave a shout out to all of the incredible women who were a part of the project. “Seeing so many beautiful faces, diverse body types, and backgrounds was humbling and something I know we all intend to see a lot more of in the future,” Michaela concluded.

#10 Megara

Image credits: readytostare

#11 Merida

Image credits: tonsablush

#12 Elena

Image credits: madebymagic_designs

#13 Rapunzel

Image credits: sassyredlipstick

#14 Kida

Image credits: bibbidibobbidi_broke

#15 Cinderella

Image credits: roseybeeme

#16 Ariel

Image credits: beccaashmon

#17 Tinkerbell

Image credits: glitterandlazers


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