Pot Product: Seth Rogen's Weed Smoking Station and Other Paraphernalia

Happy 4/20. Here’s a reminder that Houseplant, the marijuana distribution company started by Seth Rogen and creative partner Evan Goldberg, sells product in addition to pot:

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The Oil Lamp, made “for grown-ass people who like to sit inside and smoke,” is a sort of desktop weed smoking station machined from a chunk of marble. It features the titular illumination, a removable ashtray made of polished stainless steel and a well for matches, preferably the strike-anywhere variety; the surface just fore of the match well has had grooves machined into it, to strike the matches on.

The Ashtray Set by Seth (“designed by one of the world’s foremost experts on ashtrays,” i.e. Seth), was designed and prototyped by Rogen himself.

“After years of personal research and development and a newfound love for making ceramics, Houseplant co-founder Seth Rogen designed an ashtray that features everything he was looking for but couldn’t find. And thus was born the Ashtray Set by Seth!

“It features a deep well to keep ash from flying away, a notch-like rest, and a saucer with three uses (a holder for a lighter, another ashtray, or a coaster for the ashtray itself). The set also comes with a matching vase for flowers. Seth worked closely with our fabricator to produce this set and ensure it was up to his standards and specifications, which are pretty high when it comes to ashtrays.”

The Car Lighter is meant to harken back to your teenage years, when you were presumably introduced to weed during a less permissible time.

“The Houseplant Car Lighter is designed to evoke the memory of lighting up in your car from the comfort of your home. Featuring a luxurious green marble base, the lighter works via its 5 foot (1.5 meter) cord that plugs into your wall. It operates just the way you remember: simply press the lighter into the base, then a few seconds later it will gently pop up, letting you know that it’s hot and ready to use. Enjoy!”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The Oil Lamp is $260, the ashtray set $85 and the lighter runs $280. But the prices are moot at the moment, as everything’s currently sold out. Interestingly, however, they are offering some held-in-reserve units if you’ve got something good to swap:

“Even though this product is sold out, we’ve kept a couple on hand to trade. So if you’ve got something you think we’d want in exchange for this sold-out product, sign up below and we’ll send you an email with the details. You’ll also be added to our VIP email list, making you one of the first to know about new releases.”

I can’t tell if this is an e-mail harvesting bid, or a genuine offer. In any case, according to the Swap Rules they’re running this as if it’s a contest.

Source: core77

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