Prior To The Defamation Trial Verdict, Johnny Depp Enjoyed Some Time With Friends, Badgers, And Pub Staff

A strange group of creatures we are, aren’t we? Peeking through every groove and crevice to catch glimpses of fellow human beings, whilst we yell and scream at them to notice our existence. Or maybe you’re one of those that tries to play it cool and unbothered whilst your heart pitter patters in your chest like a butterfly caught in a jar.

Regardless, we cannot look away. And same can be said for the infamous media circus that became the defamation trial of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard. Even though a significant chapter has now closed, the sequel is potentially brewing away in the chambers of the future, yet fans of Depp are not too fussed about it all, as they’re celebrating his victory in the trial.

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Yet, it seems that the star is celebrating alongside them as many instances of the actor have been captured during his time in the UK. Let’s look at some of them shall we?

The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation has concluded with a verdict declaring Depp the victor

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After 6 weeks of trial and 12 hours of deliberation, the jury presented the verdict declaring Johnny Depp the victor of his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. On Wednesday, 1 June, they ruled that Heard defamed Depp on all three counts.

Depp is to be awarded $15 million in damages, with $10 million in compensatory and $5 million in punitive damages. The latter was capped at $350,000, meaning the actor will get just over $10 million in total, as reported by Vulture.

The seven-member jury also awarded Heard $2 million in one of her competing defamation claims. An appeal is said to be a likely possibility but it remains to be seen.

It’s been a cause for celebration not only for Depp and his legal team, but also his hundreds of fans that have had his back for weeks prior and during the trial

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Bored Panda has not been blind to the topic, multiple articles coming forth, like the one here where Johnny’s team was exchanging hugs and wiping away tears of joy at the verdict.

However, the ones that celebrated most were Depp’s loyal fans, who’ve been rooting for the actor even before the trial started.

It seemed his following grew as the trial progressed, with more and more people, as well as a pair of alpacas, joining together outside the courtroom or on the route to it to show their support for Depp.

Johnny was not present for the verdict reading, due to work commitments he had in the UK. And of course, many moments were captured with the star. From badger handling, to enjoying a (mega) pint, we’ll cover just a few of them.

It seemed his following grew as the trial progressed, with more and more people, as well as a pair of alpacas, joining together outside the courtroom

Image credits: ReemDepp

Depp heard the verdict in the UK as he’s currently touring with Jeff Beck, but he’s made a few stops along the way, one being Folly Wildlife Rescue

Image credits: Folly Wildlife Rescue

Let’s start with his visit to Folly Wildlife Rescue, an animal rescue in Kent, shortly before he won his defamation case. The actor had the chance to cradle an orphaned badger, named Freddie, as well as being shown the care and vet units. The surprise visit was initiated by Jeff Beck, who Depp has been touring with and who’s a patron to the rescue.

Folly Wildlife Rescue shared a photo of Depp and Freddie on their Facebook account, the post reading: “No, you’re not seeing things – that’s the real Johnny Depp! And what an incredible afternoon it was for our staff and volunteers, as he toured the hospital’s care and vet units.”

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They continued to say that Depp was in awe of the facility and gave plenty of comments. “To top the visit off, we even allowed him the rare privilege of briefly holding Freddie (as in Mercury!), one of the many orphaned badger cubs we’re currently hand rearing,” they said. “It’s fair to say he was bowled over by the whole experience!”

Another – The Bridge Tavern, a pub in Newcastle. He met the staff and partook in a delightful meal of fish and chips, accompanied by Sam Fender and Jeff Beck

Image credits: ReemDepp

Another instance came forth when Depp was noticed grabbing a pint at The Bridge Tavern in Newcastle. According to Daily Mail, the onlookers believed he thoroughly enjoyed his meal at the pub, where a portion of ale-battered fish, triple-cooked chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce costs £14.

He also shared a bottle of the city’s favorite Newcastle Brown Ale before also downing a pint of Guinness with musicians Sam Fender and Jeff Beck, also meeting rugby player Gary Spedding.

The pub’s trainee assistant manager Naomi Holliday recalled the experience to Daily Mail, saying: “I was on the day shift and it had been a normal day and he just waltzed in.

He walked through the front door and sat on the table in the corner and had some scran. He was really sweet and told us he’d never been to Newcastle before.” She said that he loved the artwork at the pub, all the while asking questions about the Tyne Bridge.”

One of the workers said that “he was the soundest bloke ever and was happy to stop and chat to people”

Image credits: LoralieDee14

Naomi said that “there was no mention of the court case or anything like that. We are Geordies so we like to keep things casual. We probably won’t ever have another shift like that again. Everyone was in good spirits and the pub was busy which was good. He was the soundest bloke ever and was happy to stop and chat to people.”

Janine Latchford who manages the pub also shared her experience with the stars dropping by her venue, noting that they were trying to keep a low profile. Janine told the Chronicle Live that Depp “came in first, he was with some friends but he was quite cool.”

“We gave him a private space and he was the loveliest man I have ever seen in my life,” she continued. Naomi noted that “nobody was bothering Johnny inside, but there were some people waiting outside.” She explained: “People were just excited he was here.”

One assistant is heavily pregnant and once Depp noticed the bump, they had a lovely chat about parenthood and the unconditional love children bring

Image credits: ReemDepp

One of the assistants, named Lauren Whittington, is heavily pregnant and once Depp noticed her, they had a little chat about how beautiful being a parent was.

She told ITV that he asked how long she had left of the pregnancy, also “giving some advice on nappies, lack of sleep, and the first few weeks of parenthood, saying it’ll be the greatest gift I ever receive and I won’t know love like it until I look into her eyes for the first time.”

“He was also talking about his kids, who are grown up now, and how magical being a parent is,” she said. “He was really down to earth, he was lovely. He gave me a hug and I told him that I loved him pretty much as soon as I saw him!”

Depp left an hour before the verdict reading, the staff wishing him luck

Image credits: ReemDepp

Lauren said she had encountered a few celebrities working in pubs over the years, but felt Depp was by far the most down to earth guy she’d met.

She said: “He left about an hour before the verdict and said he had a zoom call about it, so we wished him luck and thanked him for being so kind, and he thanked us for having him.”

They will recall the day as one of the most surreal, yet she appreciated every second of it.

It is unclear whether this is the complete end of the saga, but we’re excited to see anything else non-trial related

Image credits: ReemDepp

These are just a few of the accounts but it seems that Johnny is getting his life back, with thousands of people right beside him cheering him on. There is still a lot that is left to happen when it comes to this story, it seems, but a moment of calm is one that we can all enjoy.

Let us know what you thought of these little instances of happiness and how you’d react to seeing a celebrity within touching distance.

Enjoy your weekends, dear Pandas, and if you’re finding this article in the middle of a work week, then have a great day!

The support is as strong virtually as it is in the real world, with fans sending their love for the star. Let us know your thoughts below

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