Reader Submitted: An Interactive Light that Fights… Jet Lag?

For people facing jet lag, Jeggo offers a preventative and treatment strategy: It automatically synchronizes with a ‘jet lag plan’ to adjust your body clock to the destination time, and it reminds you when to avoid or absorb light through light effects mimicking sunrise and sunset. By tilting the reflective panel or using the remote control, you can also play freely with natural lights and sounds, such as rain, leaves and birds, to ease stress and feel more relaxed.

Jeggo can be used either at home or as a special service in a hotel room. The personal portable controller, covered with felted wool, is soothing to the touch and easy to carry around. You can fiddle with it anytime, anywhere. It is an attempt to alter the experience of a medical device and transform the serious treatment process into an aesthetic pleasure. It also demonstrates how people could interact with lights in different physical and experiential ways.

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Source: core77

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