Reader Submitted: Kee-PING Hope – Ping Pong Tables for Children Impacted by War

The project, called “Kee-PING Hope”, involves designing and fabricating ping pong tables and rackets for orphanages in Lebanon, using leftover pieces of melamine wood collected from carpenters and wood waste disposals. Our main objective was to create colorful tables and rackets that would attract children and bring them closer to the game, while also serving as a visual representation of a child’s cognitive understanding.

The six different colors of melamine were combined to create 20 uniform pieces that were then cut and connected to form 5 tables – three standard size and two smaller. Each table features a non-repetitive color pattern, making each table unique and visually appealing. The rackets were designed to help children identify and organize visual information.

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View the full project here
Source: core77

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