Relatives Who Deserve A Special Place In Hell For Being Annoyingly Entitled (30 Pics)

There are friends, there are co-workers, there are lovers and total strangers. Since no man is an island, we live surrounded by people we like, tolerate or dislike.

But there’s one peculiar group of people we basically spend all our lives with. We constantly catch up during reunions, dinners, or Christmas, spend time together as kids (and adults!), send congratulations cards to each other and feel obliged to be patient no matter how much they’d annoy us. And the fact that we often have little in common except being tied in blood makes it all the more crazy.

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This is, of course, when we talk about ‘difficult’ relatives, and not the ones that are seriously our most loved people on earth (I am looking at you, cousin!) So today, we’re diving into the not-the-most-pleasant encounters where people ran into ridiculously entitled family members.

Get ready to fume like this post was a Russian ‘banya,’ scroll down through the stories and be sure to share your experience of sharing a family with a person who feels like they inherently deserve more than anyone else!

#1 My Mother Kicked Me Out Before Christmas But Still Asked Me When She Was Going To Receive Her Gift That I Had Bought Her

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#2 Aunt Doesn’t Like That I Asked Her To Pay Shipping

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“It’s totally OK not to get along with some of your relatives,” Francis Merson, Clinical Psychologist and Founder of the Paris Psychology Centre, told Bored Panda. “In fact, it would be remarkable to get along with the multitude of cousins, aunts, nephews, second cousins etc. that most of us have.”

So no wonder that conflicts happen now and then, and it seems like there’s never really peace in your extended family. “If there’s been some kind of conflict with a relative, it can be useful to zoom out from the situation with the following thought experiment… Imagine you’re at the very end of your life, and you’re looking back on your current situation. What advice would you give to yourself now? To smooth things over with this relative and keep the peace? Or let the relationship slide and move on?”

According to Merson, there’s no right or wrong answer to these questions, “but they can take you out of the heat of the moment and prompt you to reflect on which course of action is most in line with your deeper values.”

#3 Mom Asked For ‘Old Phone’ As Temp For Uncle, Offered Old Phone, Can’t Be Too Old Has To Be iPhone 6 Or Above

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#4 My Sister Needed A Job

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#5 Sister Sent Me This… She Was Blocked Immediately After

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The clinical psychologist explained that entitlement is an entrenched belief that you deserve more than other people do. “Entitled people often feel that the rules don’t apply to them, and they should be allowed to act with impunity. A sense of entitlement can also be involved in Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” Merson explained and added that “Entitled people can often cross people’s boundaries, because they think these boundaries don’t apply to them.”

#6 Shared My Netflix Years Ago With My Mom And Sister, Then Had An Issue Last Night So I Checked The Recent Devices. Found Out There Were Tons Of People With My Password, Plus Someone Upped My Plan. Reset My Password And Told My Sister I Wasn’t Going To Share My Password Anymore. Chaos

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#7 Sister Wants To Squat In Op’s Spare Room But Demands That She Stop Practicing Violin That She Plays For Her Job

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#8 Oh My God, What A Spoiled Brat

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When asked how one should deal with an entitled relative, Merson said that you may have to come to terms with it. “If your relative is an entitled person, you might need to accept that you’re not going to alter this personality trait by calling them out on their behavior (as tempting as it might be to do so!).”

Moreover, “Entitled people generally react poorly to criticism, and might end up putting all the blame on you,” Merson said. He continued: “So the first question to consider is: would it be wiser and kinder to myself just to let this go? This doesn’t mean accepting that what they did was right or OK, but accepting that there’s nothing useful you can do about it right now.”

#9 No You Can’t Come Grieve Your Sister…

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#10 My Cousin Asked For Help And I Offered What I Could. It Was Immediate Or Enough So I’m In A State Of Disrepair And Caused Our Grandads Dementia

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#11 Some Kids Are The Worst Kind Of Choosing Beggars.

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That being said, there are some things you can’t just let go. The clinical psychologist said that “if your relative has crossed a line that could result in physical or emotional harm to yourself or others, then of course you have to act.”

“In this case, basic assertiveness can be useful. Describe, in simple terms, their behavior, the effect it is having on others—and ask them politely to stop. If they don’t stop, then problem-solve the situation by looking after the people who you feel are at risk of harm—which could mean just getting out of there,” Merson concluded.

#12 My Dad Thinks That Him And My Brother Is Entitled To Everything I Own. Even Though I Bought It With My Own Money. This Is Why I’m Gonna Move Out The Second I Turn 18.

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#13 Op’s Ex Wife Doesn’t Want Son To Get A Better Car Then She Does

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#14 I Had This Lovely Conversation After Getting Multiple Calls From Her. Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is My Older Sister, A Mua, That Has Complained About People Doing The Same Thing To Her That She’s Doing To Me…

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#15 Homeless Guy & Pregnant Girlfriend Are Above A Job That Pays Above Minimum Wage!

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#16 The Reason I Associate As Little As Possible With My Half Brother

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#17 When Your Younger Sister Who Lives Rent And Bill Free, With A Job, Wants You To Pay To See Her

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#18 This Is Just Sad

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#19 My Girlfriend And I Started Making Furniture To Pay For College, And My Sister Sent Me This Gem

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#20 My Sister Wants Me And My Brother To Help Pay For Her And Her Kids To Swim At My Late Father’s Pool

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#21 My Sweet Little Brother Who Begs Me For Money Every Day. He Is 30 And Married And Doesn’t Talk To Me About Anything But Borrowing Money Or Getting Handouts Or Asking If He Can Come For Dinner. The Vm After Was “What Kind Of Sister Let’s Their Brother Go Hungry?” Um, This One

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#22 Cousin Who Has Owed Me $7k For Over 2 Years Suggests I Work As His Real Estate Agent To Get Paid Back

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#23 Bratty Cousin Stole My Netflix Password And When I Changed It He Wants Me To It To Him

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#24 Tax Season And Cb Sister

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#25 My Ex That I Haven’t Talked To In 6 Months Had To Audacity To Ask To Renew My Netflix Account So She Can Use It

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#26 Ungrateful Man Shames His Wife On A Public Forum Because The Dinner She Cooked Him Wasn’t To His Liking.

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#27 Sister Asks Me If I Can Watch Her Kid, Then Asks If I Can Come Get Her And Comes Up With Lame Excuse As To Why She Can’t Drop Her Off.

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#28 You Don’t Need Enemies If You Have Such A Family

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#29 Family Discounts

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#30 At Their Own Mother…

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