Remember the Folding Toilet from Firefly? Here's a Folding Stainless Steel Sink from Italy

In the pilot episode of the cult sci-fi show Firefly, Mal is shown in the bathroom of the titular ship, using a stainless steel toilet and a stainless steel sink–both of which disappear into the wall:

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I always thought those were super-cool and wondered if they were in production, but I’ve never been able to find any info on them, and imagine they were created by the show’s prop department. However, my scout came across a company that makes these folding sinks:

Those are by Stampaggio Costruzioni Meccaniche, an Italian manufacturer or marine equipment. On both nautical ships and the spacefaring kind, every square inch counts–as they do in the bathrooms of every NYC apartment I’ve lived in, where I’d have loved to have fixtures like these. (To give you some idea, the WC’s in that Lexus yacht were bigger than any of my Manhattan bathrooms.)

Source: core77

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