Rolls-Royce's Bananas Coachbuild Program, Where Rich Clients are Embedded Within the Design Team

Car blogs are a’twitter with images of this custom Boat Tail, designed and handbuilt by Rolls-Royce’s Coachbuild program.

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The Boat Tail is essentially a one-off droptop with a picnic service in the trunk, an umbrella for shade and a built-in champagne ‘fridge that can nail 6 degrees all day long, and the vehicle probably cost more than our space program.

While the car itself is pretty, what I found much more interesting is RR’s Coachbuild program itself, which seeks to offer an exclusive service to an already exclusive class of people. What do you do for kicks, what do you want, when you’re so rich that you can buy anything on the market hundreds of times over?

They want “to move beyond ordinary constraints,” says Torsten Muller-Otvos, Rolls-Royce CEO. These clients have “a specific ambition, and a single demand: ‘Show me something that I have never seen before.'”

Rolls-Royce figured the best way to do that…is to involve them in the design process. “Coachbuild clients are embedded within the design team, throughout the creative process,” explains Rolls-Royce designer Sina Maria Eggl. “This requires a large investment of the client’s time, but this investment means they understand every element of the design.”

Here’s how the program works, and what it yields:

Well, what did you think it was going to be—George Soros burning through a box of Prismacolors?

Source: core77

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