Sad but True Product Category: Adult-Proof Pill Bottles

Pills designed to solve one person’s problem can become problems for others. Who’s to say your teen isn’t pilfering the pain meds that make your back pain bearable?

Up to no good

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Help is here from the SafeRX pill bottle, designed to be, well, teen- and adult-proof. “Drug addiction often starts with sneaking 1-2 pills at a time,” SafeRX writes. “Our patented design makes undetected pilfering near impossible.”

“Our design gives you clear evidence that you may have a drug problem in your household and someone needs your help.”

I guess by “clear evidence” they mean that you’ll be able to see if the combination is scrambled?

In any case, the company indicates that these are actually ergonomic. “The numbers on the lock are easy to see and turn, and no hand strength is required to pull the cap off once unlocked. In our test group, 91% of senior citizens were able to use the bottle as intended.”

“Well it’s your decision, Mrs. Jones, but I think 1-2-3-4 is a terrible choice.”

Source: core77

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