Sales of the ‘Family Tree of Chairs’ Poster go Live on Wednesday

We will begin taking orders for the “Family Tree of Chairs” letterpress poster at noon Eastern on Wednesday, July 28. The cost is $33 plus domestic shipping. There are only 200 posters.

This 16″ x 20″ letterpress poster is gorgeous. And I do not use that word lightly. The image was drawn by Lee John Phillips based on research (and opinions) from me, George Walker, Peter Follansbee and some other history nerds. It was printed via letterpress in New York on thick cotton stock. The image will be used as the endsheets for my forthcoming “The Stick Chair Book.”

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This poster is a (probably insufficient) attempt to recoup some of the expenses in making the image and printing up the book’s endsheets. In other words, we’re not trying to turn a profit with this poster – we’re just trying to make something nice that will help cover some crazy expenses for a book.

Also worth noting: I had to increase the price $3 from our earlier announcement because we are building a custom flat cardboard box for the posters. The paper is too thick (.027”) to ship in a tube.

If, by some miracle, this poster manages to break even in the end, I might consider a new edition in a different ink color. But no promises. I’ve flushed away too much money on posters in my life already.

— Christopher Schwarz


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