Scientists create incredible lens that makes invisibility possible

Okay, so this is a little more tech than design, but imagine the design benefits of warping light and disguising or masking parts. Two scientists from the University of Rochester have created a device that allows objects to disappear in a line of sight. That’s right, a variable level of invisibility on a continuously multi-directional scale. It was dreamed up by Joseph Choi and John Howell, who postulated that making an image disappear in the foreground had more to do with focusing on the background.

So what’s actually happening here? First of all, everyone is calling it the ‘Harry Potter Cloak,’ it’s not. It has everything to do with lenses. What they’ve done is create a perfect paraxial matrix equation that allows them to bend light around an object using four lenses. Now, the view is limited to about 30 degrees, but this achievement brings into possibility tons of potential. The technology will most likely be used to help eliminate blind spots or create unobstructed surgical field of views.

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Handout photo of cloaking device using four lenses developed by University of Rochester physics professor Howell and graduate student Choi is demonstrated in Rochester


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