“She Said She Was Going To Report Me The Building”: Guy Laughs In Neighbors Face After She Calls Him Out For Living Alone In A Two Bedroom Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be a very exciting time. You finally found the perfect place, and now you have the chance to make it your own. Fill the walls with beautiful artwork, cram the shelves with knick-knacks, and turn your humble abode into a cozy little oasis for you and your fur babies. One unfortunate thing about moving is that you never know who your neighbors are going to be. In many situations, we don’t need to interact with the fellow residents of our building or neighborhood at all, but sometimes people just go out of their way to make our lives harder…

One man who recently relocated to Orlando, Florida, shared a story on the “Am I The Jerk?” subreddit detailing an encounter he had with a new neighbor who felt entitled to insert her opinion on his living situation. Below, you can read the full story that the Florida resident posted, and then let us know in the comments what you think of his nosy neighbor. Then after you finish this article, if you’re interested in reading some more stories from Bored Panda featuring neighbor drama, check out this list next. 

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After a heated encounter with a new neighbor, this Florida resident asked others online if he had said too much

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I can understand having an issue with people hoarding wealth or resources, but that does not mean we are all entitled to insert our own opinions on it. And I would definitely not consider a single man and two dogs living in a two-bedroom apartment hoarding space. Maybe if the author of this post had rented out an entire floor of the apartment building, then I would see where this mother is coming from. But to have one extra room that is being utilized as an office space seems perfectly reasonable. In fact, that is the exact setup that I have in my two-room apartment, and I could not even imagine a family of four in there. 

Plus, it is in no way this resident’s fault that the family could not find a larger apartment. I’m sure if they searched hard enough or looked in a less expensive area, they would be able to find more space. Having four people in a one-bedroom apartment actually seems worse than having one person in a larger apartment. Overcrowding can lead to unsanitary conditions, safety risks and a decreased quality of life. In fact, in Florida, the general rule is that no more than two people can live in a one-bedroom apartment and no more than four people can live in a two-bedroom, so I wonder if this mother’s landlord actually is aware that there is a full family occupying that space.

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I completely understand the frustration of having a difficult time finding the perfect apartment; I’m sure that is a challenge in many parts of the world right now with current inflation rates. However, it is not the fault of everyone else who was lucky enough to find a great place to live. Some commenters recommended that the author of this post makes sure his doorbell camera is always working to ensure his safety from this family, which I don’t think is a bad idea. But I also hope that this issue subsides and he can go back to enjoying his peaceful, work-from-home life with his two dogs. Have you ever had to deal with an intrusive neighbor like this? We would love to hear your thoughts down below, and if you have any similar experiences, feel free to share them as well.

Commenters have assured the man that he did nothing wrong, and that his neighbor should mind her own business

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