Social Distancing Trick-or-Treating: Zip Line Candy Delivery

Having lived in three of America’s different area types, I’ve learned there’s different styles of trick-or-treating.

Urban: In NYC’s dense apartment builds, kids go door-to-door on each floor, never needing to leave the building.

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Suburban: Kids go house-to-house, like you see on TV.

Rural: This one was the big surprise for me. With houses too far apart to walk to, here they do “trunk-or-treating:” Everyone of the same denomination meets in their church parking lot, neighbors line up their cars, open their candy-filled trunks, and the kids go car-to-car.

Will all three trick-or-treating styles be canceled this year due to COVID? It’s unlikely (and I wonder if anti-maskers will insist kids take their costume masks off). But Michigan-based Matt Thompson of Thompson Woodart, who’s in the suburban tier of trick-or-treating, is ready with his social-distancing candy delivery solution:

Source: core77

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