Someone Put Toxic By Britney Spears Over A Scene From ‘The Witcher’


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Game of Thrones ran our lives from 2011 to 2019, and since it finished up last spring we’ve been left with a pretty large void when it comes to fantasy intense gore and equally intense nudity. But, as I’m sure we’re all well aware by now, that void has been filled by Netflix’s latest series, The Witcher. The show is an adaptation of the video game and book series of the same name, and whether you’re a fan of it or you can’t watch more than 20 minutes at a time because the dialogue is just so goddamn bad (you can probably tell how I feel about it) there’s no denying that, DAMN, those are some good fight scenes. In fact, for fans of both the video games and books or just fans of well choreographed ass-whoopings in general, it’s hard to imagine the action in The Witcher getting any better.

Except, one person did imagine it getting better, and then they created it.

How do these blood-soaked scenes really get pushed over the edge? Simple.

With Britney, bitch.

One brilliant, brilliant Twitter user by the name of Lee Travis took it upon himself to set the iconic fight scene from the pilot (you know, the one where Henry Cavill literally slices a dude’s head in half) and set it to Britney Spears — Toxic. Because, he says, it just makes it “even better.”



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