Steelcase's Nesting Flex Perch Stool, for Perching Rather Than Sitting

As with Herman Miller and their OE1 Micro Packs, Steelcase also recognizes that offices are changing. Permanent desks and dedicated spaces are disappearing, and the company sees a need to provide momentary perches for perambulating workers, rather than chairs that they plant themselves in all day. Hence their Flex Perch Stool.

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When not in use, the nesting stools don’t take up much space.

The tilted seat surface naturally provides a grab point, even when they’re nested.

In addition to being fully recyclable, the Flex Perch has a new environmental credential:

Through a partnership with BASF, Steelcase Flex Perch is the first furniture product that reduces the use of fossil resources through CCycling. This innovation in sustainability transforms post-consumer waste from electronics production, once impossible to recycle into like-new raw material needed for high-quality products – reducing waste and reliance on fossil resources associated with carbon emissions.”

The specific Ccycled™ material they’re using here is an injection-moldable nylon (sexily named Ultramid® B3EG6 CcycledTM) recaptured from waste generated during electronics production—waste that would normally be incinerated. You can learn more about the stuff here.


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Source: core77

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