Striking illustrations discuss themes of stereotypes and open-mindedness

Pop culture, current events, and politics can inspire art in brilliant ways. That much is clear from artist Carina Wharton’s latest illustrations.

The Newmarket, Ontario-based fine artist recently graduated from the University of Western Ontario. Her work, ranging from sculpture, oil paintings and illustrations, surround notions of female sexuality, race, and stereotypes.

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Wharton’s latest collection of 8.5″ x 11″ ink drawings, thoughtfully titled, “Outside/In”, can best be described in the artist’s own words. She writes, “The sketches are inspired by concepts of self-policing, defying racial stereotypes, and embracing happiness. The themes are related by media coverage of topics including killings, U.S Presidential candidates remarks, gay rights, and racial tensions. Overall the drawings symbolize maintaining an open mind.”

Many of her works are available for purchase as phone cases, art prints etc. via her online store, MadamEnvy. Check out some of her fantastic works below and follow her on Instagram for regular doses of art!



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