Studio Flaer's Suspended Yet Angle-Adjustable Piuma Lighting Fixture

Pendant lighting is free-floating and static, whereas adjustable lighting is typically attached to a jointed arm. Berlin-based industrial design firm Studio Flaer subverts this arrangement with their Piuma light fixture, which hangs like a pendant, but can adjust its angle by means of a sliding weight on the handle.

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“Piuma is a luminaire that makes the act of balance tangible. The design embodies a physical mechanism in an increasingly digital world. Like a feather, the luminaire floats in space and its dualistic form creates a tension between expected weight and size. Shifting the weight creates strong angles or a stable horizontal. The ultra-light shade rotates on its own axis and directs the light omnidirectionally.”

Translations of call-outs, top to bottom:

– Swiveling reflector

– Handle for rotating the reflector

– Balance marks

– Adjustable weight

See more of Studio Flaer’s work here.

Source: core77

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