Summing Up "The Difference Between Designers:" A Graphic

A newcomer to the Core77 Discussion Boards asked the impossibly broad question: “What is the difference between designers?

By way of response, member Fluffy Data whipped up the following graphics:

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“On a spectrum:”

“Over time:”

I wrote FD to ask about the graphics, and s/he explained their own background: “I started life with an Aero Engineering degree, then went on to art school to do design and [was] called a ‘cross-dresser.” I’ve worked as an industrial designer in academia, consultancy and most recently tech, so that diagram always goes through my head sitting in meetings, trying to read the thought bubbles above people’s heads.”

By the bye, this graphic was created nearly a year ago; Musk may have shifted a bit on the spectrum since then.

Source: core77

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